Sunday, March 6, 2011

Landon ~ My Have You Grown!

Landon, my oh my, have you grown into quite the charming and inquisitive little boy! You are definitely getting more and more into things these days and seem to be learning SO much Why, just in the past week you've mastered three pretty BIG milestones. Funny enough, these ALL have to do with climbing....probably because you must be psychic and knew mommy was just talking about how she was fearing the next step in the 'movement' phase which would be climbing!

  1. You've learned to climb up on and back down off of the not one, but BOTH couches in the house. You are so proud of yourself I can just tell with that cute little grin and giggle you have every time you climb on up. You are definitely excited to be able to join all of us on your own.
  2. You've learned to step onto the step-stools in all three of the bathrooms!
  3. But most impressive, you've decided to top all of these things and to tackle the biggest climbing challenge in our house.....dum.dum.DUM! THE STAIRS!!!! Yep, you are getting too big for your own britches and have decided to start doing all these new things all It's awesome to see you growing and learning new things by leaps and bounds, but a little exhausting too. ;) 
A little piece of me is terrified that pretty soon you'll be climbing out of your own crib, starting your first day of school and getting chased by all the cute girls, but hopefully, we've got a good stretch of time before that becomes a reality. Promise me you'll slow down just a little to smell the roses along the way and give mommy and daddy a break! Ha!

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