Monday, June 14, 2010

Landon's First "Meal"

Oatmeal that is! And although the first few bites were followed by strange looks, winces and shudders, by day three of trying out his first round of solids, Landon was turning into quite the pro and was slurping up that oatmeal like it was the best thing since sliced bread! It is now day six and today I baked and pureed sweet potatoes for him for the very first time that he will be trying this afternoon. It was so fun and easy to make his food for him and I am so excited about trying out all different kinds of things in the coming weeks. I actually gave him a little taste of the sweet potato right before I nursed him prior to his nap today and he went crazy just eating the little bit that I gave him off of my finger. So, I have a feeling that he is going to LOVE the sweet potatoes too, which makes mama really happy! 

Here are a few pics of him having oatmeal for the first time and shows just how unenthusiastic he was that very first day! He was simply NOT having it to be honest!

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Jill said...

Ha ha! My son was the same way. Takes a little time. Now he eats everything and with a big smile!