Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, June 30th - Quote of the Day

An Eventful Weekend...

And expensive one at that, too! From beginning with a lovely casual dinner Friday evening to ending with a not-so-lovely trip to the ER late Sunday night, our weekend was event-filled. Everything is fine and everyone is okay, so do not panic...I am just trying to catch up a bit from the aftermath of the weekend's events and I promise that I will definitely post more details soon...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday, June 28th - Quote of the Day

I found this video on YouTube earlier this week and decided that I just had to post it as a quote of the day sometime this week even though it contains many, many quotes. I thought it was beautifully done and I absolutely loved the music as well. I hope you enjoy it too!

Oh Baby!

Yes, I still have fever that is....and this week, whoa, it has been at an all time high, even with all of Hudson's recent shenanigan's and even when he has his worst days, when he is a complete and utterly horrible holy terror it doesn't even begin to hinder the fact that I want another baby and preferably sooner rather than later. I think that the older he gets and the more he grows out of his "baby" stages it is becoming increasingly difficult not to think about trying for another baby. I mean, it's only the natural thing to want to do, right??? Of course it is!

With that being said, I am also compelled to think that seeing all of the newborn's in the nursery at the hospital the other day didn't help either, it probably only aggravated the mysterious condition even more, ha! My friend and coworker had her precious baby girl earlier this week and we went to visit her and meet miss Delaney Grace and of course, had to stop on the way to ooh and ahh over the babies in the nursery as well. Hmph! They were all so darn cute and tiny! That definitely made me miss the tiny little baby that Hudson was when he was born, don't get me wrong, I love him more than I could ever imagine and love him more and more and more every single day, but you know what I mean. Anyways, my baby fever has been around for quite some time now, although there are definitely times that I think about it much more than other times. Hopefully, we will be ready and able to give Hudson a little brother or sister sometime in the not so distant future, but until then, I guess I am stuck with the darn baby fever indefinitely! Maybe I should see if they have something available over-the-counter for it. :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday, June 27th - Quote of the Day

Uh-Oh Part Deux!

Oh yes, it IS an adventure everyday with our little Hudson and he now has the upperhand....after his new trick of being able to escape out of his pack-and-play I was ready for anything, but I truly did not expect what happened this morning. I woke up late and was trying to rush and get a few things done before Hudson woke up since he has a way of getting into everything and keeping me from being able to get ready in a timely manner. So I proceeded to make myself a drink in the kitchen when I heard him starting to fuss a bit over the monitor. I didn't think much of it and actually thought to myself that I probably had enough time to go ahead and take Bailey outside before I had to go get him. I went ahead and let Bailey out and walked out on the patio for a few minutes and then walked back in to get Hudson some milk and as I walked in I noticed that he sounded much louder than just a couple of minutes earlier so I decided that I would go ahead and go get him from his room. Well, much to my surprise, when I came around the corner from the living room what did I see??? I looked upstairs and was greeted by Hudson standing in the landing at the top of the staircase...he had escaped from his crib as well!!! Oh my goodness! We are in for it now! I started to walk upstairs and he just stood there smiling and giggling like he was just the cutest and coolest ever! I tell you what, I couldn't possibly be mad or anything and I was actually a bit terrified because I was truly *hoping* that he wasn't going to even attempt getting out of his crib anytime soon and now it seems that he has already mastered his escape from his crib as well. So, although we have the spindles along the top of the landing blocked off with a long gate and another gate installed at the top of the stairs I imagine we will also have to go ahead and get another gate to put in his door frame so that when he does decide to get out of his crib he can't just wander around upstairs getting into things. I actually caught him climbing out of his crib tonight as well because he didn't want to go to sleep and I just *wish* I had the camera upstairs because it was the funniest thing ever! Oh well, I guess there is not really much we can do about it and this is probably just the first of many exciting new adventures with the little one. I tell you it is never a dull moment around here! Just wait until there is more than one to contend with, ha!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday, June 26th - Quote of the Day

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Perfect Ending...

I love days like today...good days. I woke up refreshed and energized even with the lack of sleep that I have been pretty much become accustom to over the past few months and started my day in a great mood. Hudson was very sweet and behaved extremely well for me this morning as well, which isn't always the case with him. I had gone to bed rather late and really should have been exhausted, but like I said, I felt was kind of odd, but who am I to question it? Anyways, I went about my morning routine getting ready for work and decided to pop in the Cars DVD for Hudson to watch while I got ready. David was still sleeping in since he had to work tonight and since Hudson can no longer be contained in his pack and play while I get ready I had to come up with an alternative distraction, thus the movie. I finished getting ready for work, packed my lunch and kissed my boys goodbye for the day. Hudson was so cute because he wanted to go with me, but of course he couldn't, so I helped him gather a few of his toys and tucked him into bed beside his daddy. He was all set..he had some toys, his sippy cup, his blanket and a nice fluffy pillow to help him get comfortable. It was so adorable and made me just want to crawl back into bed, but that wasn't an option. Anyways, I scurried off to work and had a great day at the office as well. I was actually offered a promotion last week and started training for my new position this past Monday in order to officially start in my new role next week.(which I am very excited about) This new position is completely different then what I have been doing previously, but I think that a good challenge is always a great thing and helps you grow more in more ways than you could ever imagine and besides, everything happens for a reason, right?? Anyways, so far everything has been going quite well as far as training goes and I am beginning to feel much more confident in making the transition in roles. I had a very productive day and also was able to almost entirely move all of my things from my old office into my new office, so by the end of the week I should be all set and ready to go. After my productive day at work, I left a bit early since David had to work tonight and was actually lucky enough to be able to come home and have dinner with Hudson at a reasonable time! (This rarely happens at our house because of our crazy schedules!) After dinner I decided to bring Hudson upstairs and watch a movie with him to wind down for the day. We lounged on the couch with a big fluffy blanket and snuggled while we watched Finding Nemo until it was Hudson's bedtime. It might not sound like much, but truly these are the times that I cherish most...the kind of times that I hope to always have in my life. It absolutely was the perfect ending to a nearly perfect day!

Wednesday, June 25th - Quote of the Day

Happy 17th Birthday Lindsay!

My niece, Lindsay, turned 17 last week and we had a family birthday party this past Sunday to celebrate. Yes....I have a niece that is 17...I know, I know I totally am too young for that, right?!?! Ha! Not in my family...we have somewhat of a "blended" family of sorts as both of my parents were previously married before they tied the knot and both of them had children during their previous marriages, thus I have 3 older half-sisters. My oldest sister, Michelle, is my dad's daughter from his previous marriage and Debbie and Karen are my older sisters from my mom's previous marriage. Then there's me and my little brother who was so very lucky enough to be the only boy and the youngest sibling at that! It's a wonder he's survived living outnumbered by all us women all of these years...not really, but you can only imagine. Anyways, back to the birthday party..there were quite a few people unable to make it due to other plans, but of course, the most important people were there, ha! Totally just kidding. ;) In any case, we had a lot of fun and Lindsay seemed to enjoy her party. She jokingly complained about it being smaller and not as elaborate as her aunt Karen's party the night before, which was actually pretty funny! Her birthday cake was really cute and of course, super-duper yummy and Hudson thoroughly enjoyed having cake and ice cream for the second day in a row! He also had a lot of fun playing with Lindsay and her boyfriend, Trent, whom Hudson seemed to take a real liking to! It was like they were best buds or something! I'm just glad that everyone had a great time and was pretty well-behaved considering our normal family get togethers.

Happy birthday, Lindsay and have fun on your trip to Mexico! I know you'll have an awesome time and I can't wait to see a ton of pics!
Bring me back a souvenir, wink wink!

Yummy chocolate cake from Lovin' Oven Bakery

Lindsay with her cake

My nephew, Matt

My cutie pie!

Hudson playing with some cars
Trent and Hudson playing

Hudson stealing kisses from Lindsay!

Cassidy "looks" like she is telling David to talk to the hand, but I'm not really sure what she was telling him, ha!
More fun with Lindsay, Trent and Hudson


The fam....

Lindsay and Trent

Great expressions, Lindsay!

David in deep thought
Cassidy wishing I wouldn't take her picture!

Pull yo' pants up boy!

Gift time...I mean, card time!

Lindsay and her friend, Emily

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday, June 24th - Quote of the Day

Find Yourself...

I love this song and I had never even heard it before until recently. It is from the soundtrack for Hudson's favorite movie, Cars. I'm not surprised that I love it though as it is a Brad Paisley song and I just love all of his music....he is such a passionate and talented musician and seems to be a genuinely down-to-earth person. Love these lyrics...

Find Yourself ~ by Brad Paisley

When you find yourself in some far off place
and it causes you to rethink some things
You start to sense that slowly you're becoming someone else
And then you find yourself...

When you make new friends in a brand new town
and you start to think about settling down
The things that would have been lost on you
are now clear as a bell
And you find yourself,
yeah that's when you find yourself

Well you go through life
so sure of where you're heading
And you wind up lost
and its the best thing that could have happened
Cause sometimes when you lose your way, its really just as well
because you find yourself,
yeah that's when you find yourself.

When you meet the one, that you've been waiting for
and she's everything, that you want and more
You look at her and you finally start to live for someone else
And then you find yourself,
yeah that's when you find yourself

We you go through life
so sure of where we're headed
And we wind up lost
and its the best thing that could have happened
Cause sometimes when you lose your way, its really just as well
Because you find yourself,
Yeah thats when you find yourself.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Um, yeah, so I was packing my lunch this morning for work...going about my regular routine when what do I hear??? Tiny footsteps coming into the kitchen from our bedroom...yep, I know that you are wondering WTH I am talking about so let me just tell you that Hudson has apparently now mastered the art of escaping the pack-and-play!!! This is the second time in the past week that he was in the pnp in our bedroom while we were getting ready for work and he somehow mysteriously got out of the pnp without any witnesses actually catching him in the act! I'm willing to bet that the crib is next and we will have some MAJOR trouble on our hands, yikes!

Monday, June 23rd - Quote of the Day

A New Look...

Yep, you've probably noticed already in the pics from my last post, but David has finally decided to start wearing some glasses on a regular basis. He has had vision impairment for most of his life, however has never worn glasses during the time that we have been together or truly never since I ever met him really with the exception of wearing them for his work. He finally decided to go ahead and order himself a personal pair when he went for his eye exam at work recently and I am so glad that he did! He seems to feel much more confident about his sight now that he is wearing the glasses and I actually think they look pretty cute on my hubby as well! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday, June 22nd - Quote of the Day

Happy BIG 40 Karen!

My sister, Karen, turned the big 40 earlier this week and we went to a big family birthday party last night to celebrate. It was so much fun and was just one loud, rowdy party filled with lots of hyper kiddos and lots of loud-mouthed adults....although, you should know that if you know my family or have ever been to one of our parties or family get-togethers, we talk a lot, laugh a lot and always do it bigger and louder than most, ha! We of course had a huge spread of delicious food including your basic summertime foods such as hot dogs, but also had super tender and yummy steaks, mashed potatoes, corn, beans, mac-n-cheese, grilled mushrooms, grilled veggies and Portabella mushrooms and much more! My brother-in-law, Joe, threw the party for my sister at their friend Jack's house and Jack did most of the cooking and let me just tell was very, very good! I was impressed that you could cut the steak with a PLASTIC knife and it was so tender...even when he grilled SO many steaks, there was probably two or three platters stacked with just steaks!! Anyways, besides the meal we also had a fabulously tasty chocolate cake from the Lovin' Oven Bakery and an array of ice creams....this cake was so freaking good! The cake was moist and melted in your mouth and the icing was just sweet enough with making your teeth feel like they were going to fall out, even David commented on how great it was and how he thought it was like the best cake ever! He doesn't really even like chocolate cake, ha! Hudson was in full-force as usual and ran all over the house getting into everything and was trying to steal everyone's sodas and drink them...he was being an absolute little booger, but all-in-all, we had a great time and were worn out by the time we left. We finally decided to head out a little after 10 pm since it was well past Hudson's bedtime and he was getting cranky, rubbing his eyes and starting to cry a bit so we figured it would be best to get him home and into bed. We have another party this afternoon for my niece, Lindsay, who turned 17 earlier this week, so one party more to go!

The yummy birthday cake
Karen giving a lovely pose for the camera, ha!!
One of the fabulous "Over the Hill" gag gifts - The Ultimate Support Bra :)
Over the Hill.....another gag gift -- emergency diaper!!!!
Left - My nieces Lindsay and Cassidy
Right - Lindsay
Lindsay and her grannie, Birdie Jo
My brother D.J. and me
David modeling in his new glasses :)
Hudson getting into anything and everything!
D.J. and Hudson -- aren't they too cute!
My sister, Michelle, and Hudson
Getting ready to blow out the candles!
Me and Lindsay
We couldn't get it "just right"...LOL!
Lindsay and Hudson
Lindsay and Hudson -- hugs and kisses time!
Lindsay and Cason
My sister, Debbie, and her husband Mark
David and myself
More hugs with Uncle D.J.
My nephew, Matthew
My nephew, Chris, we were having "camera wars", ha!
Hudson having a meltdown :(
David's reaction to the meltdown, lol...
Tickle time with Lindsay!
My niece, Danielle
Karen and Danielle
Karen making another lovely face!!
My nephew, Nicolas
My niece, Shelby, and myself
Is it a bird???a plane??? No, it's SUPER HUDSON!
Karen harassing my baby boy, ha!
Karen and Hudson
Balloon fun....the kids thought it was fun anyways!
Love the last pic where Hudson is holding the balloons...too cute! You can barely see him behind all those balloons!