Monday, June 2, 2008

Splish Splash!

After a long, busy weekend full of errands, work, date night and chores around the house we decided to break out our lovely *blow-up* pool yesterday afternoon and relax a bit. Hudson loves the water, so he of course LOVED being in the pool and in fact, he threw a MAJOR temper tantrum when it was time to get out. We had a lot of fun lounging in the sun, splish-splashing in the water and just being all-around silly. Hopefully, one day we might have the real deal instead of our Toys R Us blow-up model, ha!

Splashing up a storm!
Hudson was a bit wobbly in the pool at first..

Now he's getting the hang of it!

Hudson and David being the silly boys that they are!

Too freakin' cute!

Whoohoo! Ride that wave!! Hudson was totally riding on David's back like he was a human surfboard or something! It was hilarious!!!

Hudson trying to drown his daddy, j/k!

I am trying to teach Hudson how to gracefully splash, ha!

Me and my baby...forgive me for I AM wearing a bathing suit, but eh', who cares I could look much worse. For your sake, I decided NOT to post the lovely picture with my little jello roll of a belly hanging out! ;) It's not that bad, but definitely not my finest moment!

Yes, excuse the horrible facial expressions...David caught some lovely ones, didn't he?!?! In my defense, the sun was in my eyes. :) Besides, I love any pictures of me and my baby boy even if they aren't the most flattering.

I was trying to convince him to let me show him how to yeah, didn't go so well...

And of course, the obligatory naked pics to seal the deal, ha! Hudson is such a little flasher!

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April said...

Looks like Hudson had FUN! haha at the nekkid photos- i think that's Mason's favorite part after pool time, nothing like being naked outside! LOL
what is it with boys being exhibitionists??