Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh Baby!

Yes, I still have fever that is....and this week, whoa, it has been at an all time high, even with all of Hudson's recent shenanigan's and even when he has his worst days, when he is a complete and utterly horrible holy terror it doesn't even begin to hinder the fact that I want another baby and preferably sooner rather than later. I think that the older he gets and the more he grows out of his "baby" stages it is becoming increasingly difficult not to think about trying for another baby. I mean, it's only the natural thing to want to do, right??? Of course it is!

With that being said, I am also compelled to think that seeing all of the newborn's in the nursery at the hospital the other day didn't help either, it probably only aggravated the mysterious condition even more, ha! My friend and coworker had her precious baby girl earlier this week and we went to visit her and meet miss Delaney Grace and of course, had to stop on the way to ooh and ahh over the babies in the nursery as well. Hmph! They were all so darn cute and tiny! That definitely made me miss the tiny little baby that Hudson was when he was born, don't get me wrong, I love him more than I could ever imagine and love him more and more and more every single day, but you know what I mean. Anyways, my baby fever has been around for quite some time now, although there are definitely times that I think about it much more than other times. Hopefully, we will be ready and able to give Hudson a little brother or sister sometime in the not so distant future, but until then, I guess I am stuck with the darn baby fever indefinitely! Maybe I should see if they have something available over-the-counter for it. :)

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