Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sick Baby :(

Today has been a long day with one very sick little baby boy. :( I was only at work for about 45 minutes this morning when I received a call from my mom telling me that Hudson was sick and had a 104 degree temperature! I, of course, freaked out because that is a high temp and Hudson is never sick, so I called his pediatrician and waited impatiently for about a half-hour for the return call from the nurse. I finished my emails at work and a couple of other things in the meantime and had also called David at work to let him know the situation. Well, the nurse called back and told me that from everything I told her about his symptoms that it sounded like a viral infection. She didn't want me to bring him into the office, but instead told me to give him Tylenol and wait and see if his temp would go down. She basically said just to give him lots and lots of fluids and not to worry if he didn't eat much that as long as his temp was dropping and he didn't develop new or certain symptoms that it would have to just run it's course more-or-less. In any case, I decided to go ahead and leave work to go to mom's to pick him up and poor baby, you could just tell he felt absolutely horrible. I felt so bad for him. :( We went home and lounged on the couch watching movies for a bit and then I attempted to feed him lunch, which surprisingly he ate very well. We continued watching the tele for a bit and then since he kept dozing off, I decided to put him down for a nap. His temperature did continue to drop all afternoon until late this afternoon when it decided to spike up again, argh! So, I have pumped the poor kid full of water all day, given him 3 doses of Tylenol and now he has gone to bed for the evening. We are going to keep him in our room tonight just in case and plan on semi-waking him up before we head to bed so that we can check his temperature yet again and have him drink some more water. I am just hoping it is a 24 hour viral bug or something as he really hasn't gotten any sicker or developed any new symptoms, it's just taking a while to get that temperature back down to where it needs to be. I feel horrible for him and just hate that he doesn't feel good. I also have inklings of fear that it could be something more severe, but based on the fact that he's basically just had a fever and not really any other symptoms, I boil those fears down to me just being a worry wart and not being used to having a sick child. If his temp is high in the morning then I will be calling his pediatrician's office again first thing to find out the next steps. Keep us in your thoughts...I'll post an update tomorrow.

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April B. said...

I'm so sorry Hudson is feeling bad. I hope he feels better in the morning and that you can get some rest!