Friday, June 27, 2008

Uh-Oh Part Deux!

Oh yes, it IS an adventure everyday with our little Hudson and he now has the upperhand....after his new trick of being able to escape out of his pack-and-play I was ready for anything, but I truly did not expect what happened this morning. I woke up late and was trying to rush and get a few things done before Hudson woke up since he has a way of getting into everything and keeping me from being able to get ready in a timely manner. So I proceeded to make myself a drink in the kitchen when I heard him starting to fuss a bit over the monitor. I didn't think much of it and actually thought to myself that I probably had enough time to go ahead and take Bailey outside before I had to go get him. I went ahead and let Bailey out and walked out on the patio for a few minutes and then walked back in to get Hudson some milk and as I walked in I noticed that he sounded much louder than just a couple of minutes earlier so I decided that I would go ahead and go get him from his room. Well, much to my surprise, when I came around the corner from the living room what did I see??? I looked upstairs and was greeted by Hudson standing in the landing at the top of the staircase...he had escaped from his crib as well!!! Oh my goodness! We are in for it now! I started to walk upstairs and he just stood there smiling and giggling like he was just the cutest and coolest ever! I tell you what, I couldn't possibly be mad or anything and I was actually a bit terrified because I was truly *hoping* that he wasn't going to even attempt getting out of his crib anytime soon and now it seems that he has already mastered his escape from his crib as well. So, although we have the spindles along the top of the landing blocked off with a long gate and another gate installed at the top of the stairs I imagine we will also have to go ahead and get another gate to put in his door frame so that when he does decide to get out of his crib he can't just wander around upstairs getting into things. I actually caught him climbing out of his crib tonight as well because he didn't want to go to sleep and I just *wish* I had the camera upstairs because it was the funniest thing ever! Oh well, I guess there is not really much we can do about it and this is probably just the first of many exciting new adventures with the little one. I tell you it is never a dull moment around here! Just wait until there is more than one to contend with, ha!

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