Thursday, June 12, 2008

My New Desk!

With all of the equipment starting to add up for my office for Delovely, I decided that I needed to go ahead and get a second desk so that I would have plenty of room for everything in the room. So, I initially wanted a gorgeous executive style desk, but quickly realized that for the work I will be doing it would not be suitable. Instead, I thought that maybe I could find a really cool farm table or something similar to use as I wanted something with a decent sized work area on top so that I could have enough room for my laptop, stack paper cutter and laser printer at the least. I looked on Craigslist for hours and hours hoping I could find the perfect table, but no such luck. I searched online at numerous stores, but no one seemed to have quite what I was looking for. Then I decided on a whim to look online at Target to see if they had anything and voila, a pretty perfect desk / craft able / project table appeared!! I LOVED the way it looked, it was very reasonably priced, was large enough without being too massive and also had great reviews, so I went ahead and ordered it on the spot. I actually got lucky because when I bought it Target was offering free shipping AND an additional discount, score!, gotta like that kind of bonus perk. :) It is the Madison Trestle Desk and it comes in two finishes, walnut or antiqued black. I decided on the black as many of the reviews mentioned that the walnut finish really looked like an orange-cherry tone, which I definitely did not want. I LOVE this desk and cannot wait to get my office completely decorated with some cute accesories and stuff. This is a picture of the desk, no this is not my office - I only wish it looked this put-together already, actually it is a picture of an almost identical desk that was listed for more than $500 when I paid less than half of that for mine and they seriously look almost exactly the same! I just liked the presentation better in this pic, so I decided to use it instead of the boring old pic from the Target website.

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April said...

oh! i LOVE IT!
i'm in desperate need to get our guest room cleared out we need to sell our guest bed room set- it needs to be organized (more than it is) and get it set up for storage and crafts instead! now if i could just find someone to do that for me that would be great! LOL