Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

We had a very busy day this past Saturday with running lots of errands as well as doing some things around the casa before heading out for the evening. Our friend's Dayson and Chana had invited us to their home in Mansfield for a little birthday bash for their son Ethan's 3rd birthday. So, somehow we were able to get everything done that was urgent during the day and made our way to the party. It was a great get-together and there were a lot of their family and friends there including a few friends that we hang out with on occasion. There were also a TON of loud and rowdy kids there, mostly little boys and Hudson just had an absolute fantastic time playing with all of the older kids as well as one of our other friend's little boy, Jacob, that is almost the exact same age as Hudson. After the first couple of hours, most everyone cleared out and just a few of us hung out into the wee hours chatting over a few beers and reminiscing about old times. It was great! We laughed our arses off, which we pretty much always do when we get together, and just had a ton of fun! It truly was a very fun evening. The only thing that *almost* brought the evening to a screeching halt was the fact that all of the other kiddos that were staying the night behaved and went to bed at a somewhat reasonable time, while Hudson decided to keep going and going and going...like that damn Energizer bunny, and we could NOT get him to go to sleep....mind you, it was like 11 pm at this point. He was so tired he kept tripping over stuff and falling down, poor baby even has bruises and scrapes up and down his poor little shins. He was just not having it until finally Auntie Chana decided to try to use her mommy skills to get him to calm down and go to sleep. Well, it worked! He didn't even really try to fight her on calming down, mostly because I think he was fascinated by a new person that he doesn't really know at all since the last time he saw her he was too young to remember, but whatever it was...I don't care, it worked and we were finally able to hang out for a while with the other adults. All in all, it was a great evening filled with good friends, good food and good conversation! There were so many people and so much going on, that I didn't really get to take many pics, but here are just a few of Hudson and Ethan playing in the playroom. Check out Hudson's mohawk, ha!

In deep concentration...playing with cars is serious business.
Hudson holding the Doc Hudson / Hudson Hornet car from the movie.....Cars, duh!

Yes, Hudson thought that he was supposed to SIT ON the train table.

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