Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Perfect Ending...

I love days like today...good days. I woke up refreshed and energized even with the lack of sleep that I have been pretty much become accustom to over the past few months and started my day in a great mood. Hudson was very sweet and behaved extremely well for me this morning as well, which isn't always the case with him. I had gone to bed rather late and really should have been exhausted, but like I said, I felt was kind of odd, but who am I to question it? Anyways, I went about my morning routine getting ready for work and decided to pop in the Cars DVD for Hudson to watch while I got ready. David was still sleeping in since he had to work tonight and since Hudson can no longer be contained in his pack and play while I get ready I had to come up with an alternative distraction, thus the movie. I finished getting ready for work, packed my lunch and kissed my boys goodbye for the day. Hudson was so cute because he wanted to go with me, but of course he couldn't, so I helped him gather a few of his toys and tucked him into bed beside his daddy. He was all set..he had some toys, his sippy cup, his blanket and a nice fluffy pillow to help him get comfortable. It was so adorable and made me just want to crawl back into bed, but that wasn't an option. Anyways, I scurried off to work and had a great day at the office as well. I was actually offered a promotion last week and started training for my new position this past Monday in order to officially start in my new role next week.(which I am very excited about) This new position is completely different then what I have been doing previously, but I think that a good challenge is always a great thing and helps you grow more in more ways than you could ever imagine and besides, everything happens for a reason, right?? Anyways, so far everything has been going quite well as far as training goes and I am beginning to feel much more confident in making the transition in roles. I had a very productive day and also was able to almost entirely move all of my things from my old office into my new office, so by the end of the week I should be all set and ready to go. After my productive day at work, I left a bit early since David had to work tonight and was actually lucky enough to be able to come home and have dinner with Hudson at a reasonable time! (This rarely happens at our house because of our crazy schedules!) After dinner I decided to bring Hudson upstairs and watch a movie with him to wind down for the day. We lounged on the couch with a big fluffy blanket and snuggled while we watched Finding Nemo until it was Hudson's bedtime. It might not sound like much, but truly these are the times that I cherish most...the kind of times that I hope to always have in my life. It absolutely was the perfect ending to a nearly perfect day!

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