Thursday, June 5, 2008


Okay, so I apologize that I have been so completely tardy in posting my review of my new favorite movie, Sex and the City, but I have been so incredibly busy that it just hasn't happened...until now, that is. I would imagine that you could probably guess that I LOVED this movie based on the title of my post along with the fact that I have now publicly proclaimed it as my new favorite movie, but why oh why do I love this movie so??? Well, for far too many reasons to list every one in great detail, but I will say that this movie has it all and has every range of emotion imaginable. Even better, it is very easy to relate to or at least I think it is. Now, I know that it is just a movie for crying out loud and that some things are obviously a bit far-fetched, but with that being said it is still very much a movie that I think most women can connect with and relate to at least on some type of level. I am so very grateful that the movie did turn out the way it did as I was terrified that it would be horrible and ruin the wonderful memories I have of my favorite show as well...thankfully, that wasn't the case and I almost feel like the movie made it even better! David even loved it and that's kind of saying a lot for him, ha! He even talked about the movie more than I did after we left the theater!! It was kind of cute, actually. Anyways, I loved the entire movie and unfortnuately, I cannot pick one favorite scene because there were SO many great ones, however I will share a song from one of my many favorite scenes which was the wonderful and tear-jerking New Year's Eve sequence. Such a beautiful version of this song....

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