Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy BIG 40 Karen!

My sister, Karen, turned the big 40 earlier this week and we went to a big family birthday party last night to celebrate. It was so much fun and was just one loud, rowdy party filled with lots of hyper kiddos and lots of loud-mouthed adults....although, you should know that if you know my family or have ever been to one of our parties or family get-togethers, we talk a lot, laugh a lot and always do it bigger and louder than most, ha! We of course had a huge spread of delicious food including your basic summertime foods such as hot dogs, but also had super tender and yummy steaks, mashed potatoes, corn, beans, mac-n-cheese, grilled mushrooms, grilled veggies and Portabella mushrooms and much more! My brother-in-law, Joe, threw the party for my sister at their friend Jack's house and Jack did most of the cooking and let me just tell was very, very good! I was impressed that you could cut the steak with a PLASTIC knife and it was so tender...even when he grilled SO many steaks, there was probably two or three platters stacked with just steaks!! Anyways, besides the meal we also had a fabulously tasty chocolate cake from the Lovin' Oven Bakery and an array of ice creams....this cake was so freaking good! The cake was moist and melted in your mouth and the icing was just sweet enough with making your teeth feel like they were going to fall out, even David commented on how great it was and how he thought it was like the best cake ever! He doesn't really even like chocolate cake, ha! Hudson was in full-force as usual and ran all over the house getting into everything and was trying to steal everyone's sodas and drink them...he was being an absolute little booger, but all-in-all, we had a great time and were worn out by the time we left. We finally decided to head out a little after 10 pm since it was well past Hudson's bedtime and he was getting cranky, rubbing his eyes and starting to cry a bit so we figured it would be best to get him home and into bed. We have another party this afternoon for my niece, Lindsay, who turned 17 earlier this week, so one party more to go!

The yummy birthday cake
Karen giving a lovely pose for the camera, ha!!
One of the fabulous "Over the Hill" gag gifts - The Ultimate Support Bra :)
Over the Hill.....another gag gift -- emergency diaper!!!!
Left - My nieces Lindsay and Cassidy
Right - Lindsay
Lindsay and her grannie, Birdie Jo
My brother D.J. and me
David modeling in his new glasses :)
Hudson getting into anything and everything!
D.J. and Hudson -- aren't they too cute!
My sister, Michelle, and Hudson
Getting ready to blow out the candles!
Me and Lindsay
We couldn't get it "just right"...LOL!
Lindsay and Hudson
Lindsay and Hudson -- hugs and kisses time!
Lindsay and Cason
My sister, Debbie, and her husband Mark
David and myself
More hugs with Uncle D.J.
My nephew, Matthew
My nephew, Chris, we were having "camera wars", ha!
Hudson having a meltdown :(
David's reaction to the meltdown, lol...
Tickle time with Lindsay!
My niece, Danielle
Karen and Danielle
Karen making another lovely face!!
My nephew, Nicolas
My niece, Shelby, and myself
Is it a bird???a plane??? No, it's SUPER HUDSON!
Karen harassing my baby boy, ha!
Karen and Hudson
Balloon fun....the kids thought it was fun anyways!
Love the last pic where Hudson is holding the balloons...too cute! You can barely see him behind all those balloons!

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