Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Success!

This year's annual visit to go see Santa was another success and both Hudson and Landon did SO well!! We had initially planned to go to Allen again to see the jolly ole' fellow, but decided to skip the LONG drive and meet him at the Uptown Village shopping center in Cedar Hill instead. I was truly quite reluctant at first and REALLY wanted to go to Allen, but it was already so late in the day and our original Santa plans weren't likely to come to fruition so I agreed to give the local meet-up a chance instead so the boys wouldn't have to endure such a long drive to and from Allen and plus, it would have really messed with Landon's lunch time and nap times too since it would take up so much time. 

Amazingly, I was really impressed with NO wait and a super jolly and SOCIAL Santa that was ready to give the boys full-attention since there wasn't a million other screaming kiddos waiting in line. Neither boys cried or acted scared, not one bit except I would say that Landon did look quite a bit curious at first when Santa was talking to him, but after a few minutes, he was good to go and just smiled and hammed it up for their photo. SO glad it went well and we had no meltdowns this year! (we've been lucky enough to only have had one really, but last year Hudson was not so happy by the time we got to see Santa, so no wait was even a bigger bonus this year!)

Here they are with Santa.......

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