Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Just before I are a great couple of little quotes, I like to call them Hudsonisms, straight from the mouth of Hudson.
  • 'I've got my ring on too, now I'M married too Mom!" (he said this after putting on a plastic Toy Story Rex ring that he got off a cupcake at a recent birthday party at MDO. He had asked me about my wedding ring recently and I explained about marriage and mommy and daddy wearing rings because we are married and so, he wanted to join in too! He!)
  • 'No, Mom! Don't change it, I love Strawberry Shortcake!' (His response as I asked him and attempted to change the channel since Strawberry Shortcake had come on and I hadn't noticed, LOL! Apparently, he's her biggest fan! I told him he could watch it all he wanted and that I liked her too!)
  • 'I need weight loss mom, my pants are too tight' (LMAO! What do you say to that?!?! He definitely does NOT need to lose weight, what a silly little boy!)
I know there have been several more just this past week, but I have the worst memory these days! Thus, why I am documenting these before they disappear in my poor memory as well!

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Dandy Delights said...

Love this! My husband has a file on his computer where he writes down all of the funny things our kids say too :)