Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

So, here I've gone off and neglected this blog once again. Even after countless promises that I would do better and be more consistent in my posts and documenting our family life, more than anything, for the enjoyment to be able to look at it again down the road and have a wonderful documentation of SO many fond memories, but to also share our daily lives with family and friends whom we can't always connect with on a daily basis.

Yet, here we are again and I've done a terrible job at updating this poor, poor pity of a blog. I do hope to do better and am hoping that this year I will be able to follow through a bit on old promises to keep it updated and do a little bit better even if it's only a post here and there.

So much has happened in the past year and quite honestly, it was a whirlwind of sorts. A year filled with SO many cherished memories and milestones and the year that I became a stay-at-home / work-at-home mother of the two most amazing sons that I could have ever asked for. I want to acknowledge that the sheer presence of these two beautiful people are the driving force behind everything I do and everything I want to be and often times, that means that certain things,  like this blog for example, have been inadvertently neglected since they have been my first priority on a daily basis which also has been a huge learning process for me. Not to learn to put them first, but to learn how to accept the new me, to learn how to lose a lot of freedom, a lot of myself and for things to be so different in this new life then I ever thought it would be. To let go of control (well, I'm still working on that), to let go of my passionate career-driven mentality (I still have a huge passion to be professionally successful with my businesses, but that's all-together a different story) and to learn and adjust to always have a little one at my beckoning call.  It was a difficult first year, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way and I feel so very blessed to have had the opportunity to stay home and spend so much cherished time with the two of them. It's been a life-changing experience and one that I've grown infinitely from. Being Hudson and Landon's mommy is the best thing that could ever happen to me. I cannot even explain in words how much love I feel for these boys. And the love I receive in return, priceless.

My hope is that I will be able to catch up a bit on some of the important moments from the past year, here and there if I can, but my main goal is to do at least a little better at posting here and sharing on a regular basis. I love to write and to share photos of moments that I find special, whether it be a funny, sad, happy or sacred moment and I love being able to capture these all in this blog as a special documentation of our lives that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Here's to a New Year and New Beginnings and the many, many wonderful memories 2011 will bring!

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