Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Living in Texas by definition means that we are at the mercy of some of the craziest weather around from blistering heat and drought one minute to torrential downpours another and in the winter, it can flip a switch from spring-like conditions to winter wonderland in just a 24 hour period. (or less!) And of course, even our winters are so very mild, that we typically don't see much snow or if so, it's usually a small handful of occurrences for the entire season. and this winter in particular, it has been unusually mild, lots of nice warm weather more appropriate for April than December and January. Until this week that is....

Apparently, Old Man Winter must have FINALLY gotten the memo that it's not supposed to be in the upper 60's and sunny everyday (not that I didn't enjoy it at least a little bit) and we got our first real cold snap and snow of the season. And we couldn't have been more thrilled to have gotten an unexpected 'snow day', but even more-so because it was on the weekend so daddy was home as well to enjoy it, unlike last year when he had to work during the record snowfall days we had in early February. 

Silly me hadn't even been paying attention to the weather forecast all week long and happened to mention to David on Saturday morning that I wanted to maybe go do some shopping at Home Goods on Sunday and possibly go scope out and try on some cowboy boots as I've been eying a few pairs online for quite some time now. Little did I know that my shopping plans were going to be derailed by the supposed impending bad weather, that I thought was, well, somewhat of an unlikely reality since SO very often our forecasts call for snow and then nothing happens or we get ICE instead of the snow. He told me that the weather was going to be bad and that so I went ahead and decided to go do all of my grocery shopping that afternoon so that it was out of the way and we didn't have to worry about getting out on Sunday should we actually get any winter weather. I was definitely excited to hear that snow was a possibility, but didn't necessarily get my hopes up since we have such wacky weather patterns and rarely do we get any accumulation even when it does snow. 

So, when I woke up way too early Sunday morning and looked out our bedroom window, I saw nothing, just a bunch of rain, LOTS of it. Great, SUPER, lovely, now it's going to just freeze and be a total mess, is what I initially thought. I crawled back into bed and when we all got up later on in the morning, I asked David when the snow was supposed to start and he said, "Oh, it's not supposed to even start until around noon." Me - "Uh, okay. I was wondering because right now it's just a soggy mess out there" 

Fast forward to right around noon and it starts to snow, but not just little itty-bitty flurries, I mean it REALLY starts to snow and they are big, FAT, fluffy snowflakes and it is a heavy mix coming down. It snows for hours and we surely got at least a couple inches or more, but nothing like the 12"+ we got last year. Even still, enough to cover the yard, the rooftops, the trees and everything else in our neighborhood instantly transforming it into a temporary Winter Wonderland. It was beautiful, as it always is when it snows. Hudson could NOT wait to get out and play in the snow, but by the time it had accumulated, it was Landon's naptime. So, we promised him we'd go out and play as soon as baby brother got up from his nap and he was really patient and good with waiting until after Landon had a nap and a late lunch and then we all got bundled up and went out to enjoy it for a short bit.

Hudson was SO excited to finally be able to go out and play in the snow a bit.

Landon curiously checked things out and decided to hang out on the sidewalk.
(the snow was actually already melting away and kind of slushy at this point, so although I wanted him to play more in the snow, I didn't encourage it since it was more like slush and not so much snow. We should have gone out before his nap probably)

What is all this stuff????

David showing Hudson the trick to a perfect snowball.

Stomping snow is SO gratifying.

He took no time in getting all wet and little snow loving boy!

Landon was content with just sitting on the sidewalk and watching on....

Hi mama! It's cold! Brrrr.....

No, really, it's pretty cold out here guys.....

Oh well, I'll make the most of it......Woohoo! Yay for snow!!!

Hudson was not so happy with mom snapping away with the camera. He said "Only ONE picture mom!"

 Snow days ROCK!

Obviously, he LOVED it!

Two of my loves....SWOON!

Daddy + sweet baby boy = heart.melt
Then I jumped from behind the camera for a few shots...

Landon and mommy...

Landon wanted to show off his new first big-boy haircut too!

It was fun, but would have been SO much better and more fun had there been more snow and had it not already been melting so badly. Hopefully, we'll get at least one more good snowfall before the winter is over. We have to have another snowman opportunity since this time was a FAIL due to the melty snow. Just as long as it doesn't snow in March, we'll be good!

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