Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let There Be Light!

Okay, so I am on a major kick to start getting some house projects done soon, but also we need to update some other things as we go along because I just think that our style and tastes have changed SO much since we first bought our home and decorated. Even more-so than that, I just feel very strongly that every single room in our home should really be a reflection of our personal style and taste and I would love to truly create a haven as much as possible for our family since we really do like to spend a lot of time at home when we can. So, with this in mind, I really would like to soften some areas up such as our master bedroom - specifically the lighting. Right now we have really super modern stainless steel looking lamps on our end tables and while they are very cool, they just aren't really are style anymore and I would like something a bit more romantic and fitting for our bedroom. I am almost positive I want something with a crystal base, but haven't quite found anything in person that I love. I don't want to just buy something for the sake of buying it because that pretty much defeats the purpose, so I guess I will keep looking and hopefully I will find something sooner than later. Another thing I am not sure about is size....the ones we have now are kind of average size and everything I am finding with a crystal base is either very large or rather small....for a night stand which would you prefer??? There are just SO many different styles to choose from it gets mind-boggling! Here are a few I found online that caught my eye....but quite honestly, they were all out of our desired budget. What do you think?

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