Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, things have been pretty hectic most days around here as I am still struggling with catching up with my everyday life. I never got to even post about my birthday, which was the 3rd of January by the way, but I had a great birthday and we went out shopping all day, I actually felt the beginnings of Baby B's little butterfly movements and had some amazing PF Changs for dinner with my two best men! Wish I had known what was to come so that I could have basqued in the day even more. So, now I am 33 and have had a rocky start, to say the least, to this new year. With January coming to a close, I am looking forward to hopefully having a much better year for the next 11 months.

I got a lovely ticket for running a light in Dallas a couple of weeks ago, to which I started bawling when the police officer pulled me over. Poor guy probably thought I was nuts....but to my defense, it was exactly 2 weeks to the day after we lost the baby AND I had never been pulled over or gotten a ticket in my life. So, I guess it just hit me hard emotionally at the time...which reminds me, I guess I need to take care of that ticket pretty soon.

Then we get a letter from our insurance company basically saying that they have denied the claim for my hospital treatment because their medical advisor did not think that my treatment was a necessity....this is a total load of BS, but I digress....I can only pray we get this worked out because we then received the bill from the hospital a few days later and it was almost $14,000.00! I am terrified at the possibility that we might be held responsible for the hospital bills and it just makes me sick. We didn't even have a baby and we might be out thousands and thousands of dollars that we simply don't have. Not for this anyways.

I still haven't had my 2nd follow up appt. with my OB yet as it was cancelled the Friday before last because she had to be in L&D for another patient and then it was cancelled last Tuesday because of the ice storm that didn't happen until that night. They rescheduled for last Wednesday, but then I cancelled since I was home alone with Hudson because of the ice and there was no way I was going to bring him along with me on my own when I was going to be having a full-exam. So, I have rescheduled for this Friday morning and am looking forward to getting it over with. I actually called the hospital last Friday and asked if they had received a request from my OB for my records and they confirmed that they had received the request and had also already mailed copies to my doctor on the 20th, so hopefully we might have more answers after my appt. on Friday. Fingers crossed that she has more info. for us and hopefully, it will provide a bit more closure for us as well.

But, not everything has been bad. We had a great weekend this past weekend. We went out to dinner Friday night and then we were able to get out of the house on Saturday to run some errands and to also go furniture shopping yet again looking for the a media / entertainment center for our living room. We still didn't really have any luck finding an entertainment center, but we did find a couple of potential bedroom suites for Hudson's big boy room. We won't be buying anything for a while, but are still looking now so we have an idea of what we want once we get there. Oh, and I also bought the most fabulous piece of iron wall art for our living room! Now, I just have to decide where I want to hang it. Even though the day wasn't too successful, we still had a lot of fun getting out of the house.

Yesterday we stayed home and mostly I worked on design orders and David caught up on the cleaning. (Thank you, babe! ) Then, we watched the Super Bowl and David made some of the most amazing jalapeno and cheese stuffed hamburgers topped with avocado, Y-U-M!!! Oh, and I even got the pleasure of partaking in a few beers! They definitely tasted so good since I hadn't had a drink since early October....I figure I better get a little drink on before we start TTC again soon.

Oh, and Hudson is starting to learn more and more words lately! I am SO glad because we have been worried about his speech for quite some time now and it seems like it is getting better. Just today he randomly said "BUS!" when a school bus drove by us on the way to Grandma's and I said, "Yes, that's a bus." and he said it again "bus!" So exciting.....then he said "Bailey" tonight and he has NEVER said Bailey before and certainly not as clear as he did. His limited vocabulary seems to be expanding and I just hope that it keeps going this way so that we don't have to see a speech therapist or anything.

David's working a lot this week, so that sucks, but hopefully the next few days will fly by so it won't be too bad. Anyways, that's about it for now....I have some pics from the weekend that I will post later this week as well. Gotta get a few more things done tonight before it's my bedtime! :)

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