Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Week 17 - Fun Mama-to-be Facts!

How far along? 17 weeks, 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: Not sure, but not too much from when I got my BFP. I will be asking for a breakdown the next time I visit my OB. :) I did mention it to her at my last appointment and she was very non-concerned about my weight gain and promised me that I was right on track as to where I needed / was supposed to be at this point so I am going to trust her and *try* (try being the operative word here) not to freak out yet. 

Maternity clothes? Yes, I unfortunately had to bust these out a bit earlier than hoped, but it is definitely far more comfortable than trying to wedge myself into my normal clothes. I am still wearing a few pairs of my pre-pregnancy size 10 jeans with the assistance of a BellyBand though and still managing to wear some of my normal shirts as well. 

Stretch marks? Nothing new that I can tell. I have some mostly on my hips / thighs from previous pregnancy and weight loss / gain / loss, but nothing too major. I do have a few on my belly from when I was pregnant with Hudson as well. They didn't show the entire pregnancy, but rest assured, they were there in hiding just waiting for my bump to deflate so that they could shine in all their glory. Hopefully, fingers crossed that I will not obtain many if any new ones this time around. I'm not holding my breath too hard on that though!

Sleep: Pretty good actually. I caught up on a lot of sleep this weekend, however I am starting to get a little uncomfortable at night. I might have to breakdown and get a pregnancy wedge or some type of pillow to assist in getting my growing belly and body more comfortable for a better sleep / rest position before too long. 

Best moment this week: First movements!!!! :) I haven't even had time to blog about it, but yes, undeniably I have been feeling the tiniest of squirms and wiggles over the past week. In fact, he/she has been really popping around in there the past couple of hours. Baby must have enjoyed the yummy dinner I made and consumed earlier this evening as much as mommy and daddy did!

Movement: FINALLY! He/she lives! Movement is a huge thing for me and one of my favorite parts of pregnancy, so this is a big milestone this week! 

Food cravings:
 Um, can you say, chocolate, pickles, fruit (like out the wazoo!), cucumber salad, Jersey Mike's (lol!), anything with crushed ice, snow cones and ice cream. Is that enough? Oh, and of course, Mexican food, chips and salsa and just about anything with avocado too, ha!

Gender: Not positive yet, but the perinatologist has guessed boy at 13 weeks. We have our big ultrasound next Monday to confirm the gender, do a full anatomy scan and finish up round 2 of blood work for screening tests. 

Labor Signs: Big fat negative, THANK GOD! 

Belly Button in or out? Totally in....never went out with Hudson, just opened larger and flattened. I suspect it will do the same this time as well. 

What I miss: Wearing my normal clothes?? Not sure what I miss really, nothing has been really bad this pregnancy and in fact, I have had a really enjoyable pregnancy this time around as of now, although I am sure my answer will change eventually. I can't have a perfect pregnancy throughout the entire next 23 weeks, can I??? Doubtful. I am sure that I will eventually miss something about not being pregnant, but for now, I am beyond ecstatic to be in the position that I am in and am just so, so very happy that we have been blessed with things to be so perfect thus far. 

What I am looking forward to: Our appointment with the peri. next Monday....I cannot wait to learn if our babykins is definitely a rowdy little boy or sassy little girl and to also see all of his/her anatomy in detail. Hopefully, all will go well and most importantly, baby will show to be completely healthy and growing exactly as he/she should be. 

Weekly Wisdom: Take the time to enjoy or at least recognize the little things that you experience both physically and emotionally week by week throughout your pregnancy. It truly is amazing how such a tiny being transforms you and your complete persona over a period of 40 weeks. It's an amazing journey for all involved. 

Milestone: Obviously finally feeling our baby, although the movements have been very light and sporatic. I cannot wait for them to get a bit stronger and more frequent, even better when you'll be able to feel the baby from the outside, I.cannot.wait! 

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