Sunday, July 12, 2009

FLASHBACK -- Renee's Bridal Luncheon

Things have been so hectic around here lately that I am FAR behind on updated the blog with all of our going-ons from the past 3-4 weeks or so, yikes! So, I am going to start doing some "FLASHBACK" posts to catch up a little. :)

One of my good friends, Renee, is getting married this upcoming September and I actually attended a lovely bridal luncheon hosted for her back towards the end of June. I had a great time and it was truly a very cute and fun shower. The food was great and it seemed like fun was had by all! I was a little late to the luncheon due to everything else going on that day, sorry Renee, but I had an absolutely fabulous time and was glad I was able to share in this day to celebrate the couple's upcoming union. Here are just a few pics from the luncheon.


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