Monday, July 20, 2009

FLASHBACK - Kaboom Town 2009

On Friday July 3rd, we decided that we would go watch fireworks at Kaboom Town again this year, but due to our past experiences there with all of the insane traffic that goes along with actually parking at and going to Addison Circle for the event, we just could not muster up the energy to actually go to Addison Circle to watch the firework show. Instead we decided to go to dinner at Grand Lux at the Galleria and then headed back over to the Addison area to view the show from a bit further of a view. We found a nearby parking lot and watched from the trunk of my car. (glamourous I know!)  It was hot and sticky, especially with the 3 of us sitting in the hatchback of the Murano (we stopped at a nearby Target as an afterthought to buy chairs, but they were completely out of lawn chairs, ha!), but even with the heat and all the firework show turned out great and Hudson really loved it! He learned how to say fireworks too and said it over and over and over again that night and again the following day when we went to a friend's house for a Fourth of July party as well. It's safe to say that Hudson loves him some fireworks now and even insisted on participating in the lighting as well, yikes!  

I didn't bring my camera to Kaboom Town, but I did take a few really bad shots with my iPhone instead. Here they are in all of their glory, lol!

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