Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coming Soon.....

I haven't updated or posted any / many photos lately of what we've been doing these days, but I promise I will soon be sharing some pics from our trip to the State Fair (not TOO many pics were taken because it was kind of a nightmare actually and Hudson wasn't being too cooperative in any aspect) and lots of pics from his birthday party too! Hopefully, I will also have some photo sneak peeks to share pretty soon from the family photos we had taken a couple of weeks ago as well. Another photo session gone wrong from a Hudson standpoint, but again, I am being cautiously optimistic that there will at least be a few really good shots out of the bunch!

As far as what we have coming up, well, we have another big, busy weekend coming up this weekend with our FIVE year wedding anniversary being Saturday which I cannot believe that 5 years have flown by already! Hudson will be staying the night with his Nana Saturday and mommy and daddy will be taking the night off for a nice dinner out, possibly a movie and some nice relaxing time alone. Seriously much needed after the hectic month we've already had thus far! Once November hits, I will be going into baby preparation overdrive mode, so I'm a little afraid it's going to be a bit overwhelming after having such a busy October.

Then on Sunday afternoon we have my maternity photos scheduled and of course, my main man and my little man will be on board for the shoot as well, so we'll all have a busy afternoon posing and hopefully, smiling for the camera! Fingers crossed that the weather and my little Hudson cooperate for Miss Sara so we can get some good shots!

Of course the following weekend is HALLOWEEN! I cannot tell you how excited I am for Halloween this year for some reason. Probably because it will be the first year we actually take Hudson door-to-door for some authentic trick-or-treating! Plus, he does have the cutest little Spiderman costume that he actually loves to wear, so that's one battle we've already one since we won't have to fight him to keep his costume on! We've already been schooling him trying to teach him how to say trick or treat, but for some reason he hasn't quite caught on yet. Hopefully, he'll get it down before then though! I'm sure once he starts getting candy for it he'll learn it real quick, lol!

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