Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 32 Fun Mama-To-Be Facts

How far along? 32
weeks, 3 days

Total weight gain/loss:
ACK! 27 lbs. :( and I still have 6 1/2 weeks until I will have my c-section. For the past two months I have been gaining over 1 pound per week, which 1 pound or so is what is totally normal for this time during the pregnancy and actually, it is normally expected that you will gain around 1 pound per week for entire remaining weeks of the pregnancy. Usually baby takes up around 1/2 a pound of every pound you gain during this remaining time. My doctor shares laughs with me about my weight gain though because she said it is totally normal, that both baby and myself are measuring exactly as we should (which she has said consistently throughout the pregnancy), so it seems that she shares a giggle with me about it because I am pretty cooky and verbal about it when I bring it up to her. She has never brought it up, I always do and she laughs when I ask overly sarcastically and dramatically how in the world I gained so much in a month or how much bigger could I possibly get?!?!? Apparently, she thinks I am definitely being overdramatic about it, but in reality I am at least a little bit disappointed that I have gained so much thus far, even though she says it is fine and that my weight is not anything to be concerned about. Blech...I just hope I lose the poundage fairly quickly after baby boy is here.

Maternity clothes? Yes, some things are definitely fitting a bit snugger especially around my big ole- belly, but as long as baby is healthy and growing fine I am trying not to worry about it so much. I am hoping to make what I have last through the remainder of the pregnancy with the exception of possibly picking up a few more long-sleeved, warmer pieces since the weather has been finally continuing to cool off.

Stretch marks? Fortunately, I haven't noticed any new ones, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Often times they do not show up or become visable apparent until AFTER you have the baby. That's when the real horror begins and your body shows all of the signs of trauma it endured from the pregnancy, lol!

Sleep: If I am going to be honest, then I will have to say that my sleep has pretty much sucked lately and has not been restful for me for the most part. It still varies and there are nights that I sleep really well and without too much discomfort or interruptions for bathroom breaks, etc., but in general it has gotten to be not so much fun for me lately. I'm ready to have my nice restful nights back and unfortunately, once baby boy is born and my body returns back to normal then I will most likely be contending with many less than restful nights filled with late night / early morning feedings, etc. That is unless we get really lucky like we did with Hudson and we get another easy little newborn that sleeps very well and for long stretches throughout the night, then I might have some relief sooner than later!

Best moment this week: Hearing baby boy's heartbeat again today at my appointment. This always gets me every single time and makes me just beam with a huge smile ear-to-ear when I hear that sweet little heartbeat. He was quite active today when I was lying on the table too! I guess he knew we were checking up on him! ;) (Oh, and not baby-related, but Hudson turned 3 this past Saturday and we had a wonderful time celebrating that evening with family and it was definitely a highlight of my week to see him so happy and having so much fun on his birthday! He definitely LOVED his party and had a blast!)

Movement: About the same.....he's not really a jabber or hard-hitting little boy, but rather does lots of slower movements that feel much less intense then when I was pregnant with Hudson. Either it doesn't seem as hard, fast or painful as it did with Hudson since this I'm kind of used to it unlike when I was pregnant with Hudson OR Hudson was just a much more hyper baby in the womb! Now, whether or not that should worry me about baby boy and if he will be as hyper or more than his older brother is yet to be determined. For all I know this could be the "calm before the storm". LOL!

Food cravings: Ice cream and chocolate seem to still be the front contenders for my cravings these days. Although, I have most recently developed the most strange craving for Captain's Wafers crackers.....not sure where that came from!

Gender: Hopefully still a BOY! Otherwise, we're in trouble, ha!

Labor Signs: No, still continuing to have those pesky Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing more severe and definitely no signs of actual labor as of now. It is really early for that and I would be majorly freaking out if that was the case. We want this little boy to keep on cooking for at least another 6 weeks!

Belly Button in or out? It is fighting the good fight that's for sure! Starting to roll-over on top, I presume that an outie is trying to take shape, but I am hoping that it doesn't get to that point.

What I miss: Being able to be more mobile without regretting it later. We went to the Fair the weekend before last and I could barely move by the end of the night....my lower back and hips were killing me from waddling all over the Fair.

What I am looking forward to: Our 5 year wedding anniversary this Saturday and my maternity photos on Sunday. Another busy weekend!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't forget to enjoy *this* moment. As much pains and changes occur throughout a pregnancy both with you physically and emotionally, it is truly one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as a woman. I love being pregnant even through the tough times and all the aches and pains, it is an absolutely amazing thing to experience. I guess I have been very lucky this time around to have a fairly healthy and uneventful pregnancy so it has been easier for me to enjoy, but also having had lost a child just a short time before becoming pregnant again this time around has likely also had a long-lasting effect on how I view pregnancy and how I choose to enjoy it as much as possible as I do not know if I will or will not ever experience it again. So, enjoy this moment, the moment you are in because it may never happen again.

Milestone: Starting to finally work on the nursery and have cleared out all of Hudson's stuff with the exception of everything in the closet. That will be next, along with painting and then decorating.

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Amanda and Anthony said...

Girl - I gained almost 40 pounds. As long as you're taking care of yourself, you'll be fine! :) Can't wait to see all your new pics!