Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hudson's Hot Wheels Themed 3rd Birthday Party

It's taken me well over a month now to finally get this post finished because I've been SO busy, but of course I wanted to document Hudson's third birthday and share some pictures from the Hot Wheels themed party that we had for his special day! It was just a simple family gathering in our home, but Hudson LOVED it and that's what was most important. Those who know Hudson, know that he is an absolute Hot Wheels fanatic or even more-so, just a car fanatic in general, so he was ecstatic about having a Hot Wheels themed party even though we didn't go all out as far as decorations or anything like that goes. Just a few simple decorations and paper supplies donning the Hot Wheels motif and he was as happy as a clam! Of course one of his favorite parts besides all of the cool toys and other wonderful gifts he received, was the FABULOUS Hot Wheels cake that his Aunt Debbie made for him! He was over-the-top excited about his Hot Wheels cake (and the party in general), that he has talked about it ever since! We made traditional BBQ dishes for dinner and then open presents and had cake and just relaxed and hung out as a family. It was great and Hudson had an absolute ball!

My mom, dad and brother trying to figure out tne of the gifts my parents bought for Hudson....

Checking out his first new toy!

Nana with Miss Harper, Hudson's newest cousin!

David and Hudson

Time to open some gifts!

Hudson was WAY into opening the gifts, but the cards - eh', not so much...

Cars of course!

Really cool puzzle book from Aunt Jessica, Uncle Marc and Harper

Showing Grandpa his Optimus Prime Transformer

More gift opening with mommy....

He loved everything and had a total blast!

Our "big" gift to our little boy....

It's a Little Tikes tool bench that he LOVES!

He was in total awe and has played with this thing a ton since his birthday....

Still playing with his new tools

Cake time! Shelby was guarding the cake, lol!

LOVED the cake and was so thrilled with the way it turned out.

Pretending to blow out the candles...he was just a *little* impatient.

Thanks to my sister, Debbie, for making such a cool cake for Hudson's was perfect and he absolutely LOVED it!

Yay!!! Now the candles are finally lit....

Singing happy birthday!

Time to blow out the candles for real....

He already has a blue mouth from promptly biting into his smash cake, ha!

He had SO much fun and was devouring this cake, he loves cake, but was gaga for this one! Even David was having quite the laugh over it!

Mommy and her cake-covered little boy!

My sister Debbie and my niece Cassidy

David and my nephew, Matt, winding down with some PS3 later in the was a long, but fun night!

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