Tuesday, November 17, 2009

REWIND - State Fair of Texas 2009 Visit

I know, I know....the Fair was like forever ago, but I've been otherwise preoccupied lately and am *just now* getting around to posting about our trip to the fair and also, Hudson's third birthday! I figure better late than never right!?!? :)

We actually went to the fair on a Saturday this year and it wasn't too, too bad as far as the crowds go. I mean, it was crowded, but nothing that sent me over the edge, at least not until the end of our day once I was already all worn-out, wobbling and ragged from hauling my huge-ole pregnant booty all over the fairgrounds. We actually had a photo session for family photos earlier that morning and headed directly to the fair from there, so by the time we arrived it was already a bit after lunchtime. Hudson napped in the car, but in true Hudson fashion, he was on a tear on this particular day and decided to be not-so-cooperative not only during the photo session earlier that morning, but also decided to be an all-and-all complete holy-terror virtually the entire time we were at the fair as well. Eh', I didn't expect much different since he is a free-spirit and wants to do what he wants to do, but I had hoped for at least a little bit better behavior for some reason.

In any case, it wasn't the worst time we could have had, but it was a lot less enjoyable than if he would have been just a little bit better behaved. David said that it was so bad that he wouldn't bring Hudson to the fair again until he was 7 or 8 years old, lol! I doubt that that will be the case, but that just goes to show you how worn out David was with dealing with what is now known as the tumultuous three's in our house, ha!

So, here's just a few photos from our lovely trip to the State Fair 2009. :)

Hudson intently "studying" the map of the fairgrounds

Now daddy has to study it too.....

No trip to the fair would be complete without a Fletcher's Corny Dog!
Am I right or am I right?!?!?!

Those first few bites of hot yummy goodness are simply divine!

Gotta wash it all down with some good-ole juice!


Walking in the crowds....Hudson seemed to want to run free though....

Hudson and daddy....love it!

My cute little boy staring up at Big Tex in amazement...

Howdy folks.....

I'm B-I-G Tex!

Hudson's favorite part of the fair...the CARS of course!

And the car that he loved seeing the absolute most...

Want to take a guess, anyone? Anyone?

The Transformers Bumblebee Camaro of course!

Even David and I thought this thing was pretty darn cool to be honest.

Hudson was so into this car and just kept talking about it all afternoon.

He kept wanting to go back and see it again and again. He was so, so excited to see Bumblebee because he loves Transformers and well, loves cars in general so of course it was the perfect combination!

And now for something a little different.....some interesting livestock.....

Nothing too exciting here....

We of course popped in and watched a bit of the dog show....

But, in all honesty, it wasn't really that entertaining so we only stayed about 20 minutes or so...

This was probably the best move of the entire show, ha!
And that's all folks!

One tired, grumpy little boy falling asleep on the car ride home!

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