Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Productive Day = Mission Accomplished

Despite all odds and not only a rocky start, but also a shaky and patience testing afternoon I somehow made it through my first day at home with Hudson without a complete hormonal breakdown. I was even able to get him to go to sleep by his bedtime and also was lucky enough to make some pretty good dents into my to-do list today! It wasn't easy, but I am up for the challenge...although I do realize that it will be an entirely different ballgame for me once our baby boy arrives in less than two weeks and everything will likely flip upside down,inside out and totally out of control for a while. Hopefully, I'll maintain my sanity and clarity and be able to gracefully muster through whatever challenges I might face. At least this is what I hope for and continue to pray for the strength and guidance to help me do so.

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