Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mommy & Baby Gear

While I know we still need a lot of things to prepare for baby, both items for baby boy and for myself and David as well, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite purchases so far that I am hoping are successful once baby boy gets here. Now I desperately need to start making lists of what we need to do and to purchase in the next 2 weeks, eek! - only 2 weeks left until we meet our baby boy!!! From a hospital list, to things to do list, to a must have essentials for baby list, I am sure that I will have to stay on my toes to get everything done and ready for our little one before his big arrival! You'd almost think I hadn't already done this before since it seems our preparation is a bit lacking and behind at this point, but it's been a hectic past few months and I guess everything just totally snuck-up on us!

1. Miracle Blanket (I ordered two of these from this website and have heard nothing but rave reviews for them from anyone I know that has tried them with their own babies)

2. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack - in Baroque Roll pattern - I already have a PPB Touring Tote that I absolutely love, so I expect nothing less from this larger bag. It seems to be a great size especially for a newborn and a toddler and has a ton of storage space and compartments that should help keep us organized.

3. Baby So Smart Mei Tai Carrier - I obviously have not been able to try this out properly yet since baby was not included in my purchase, hehe, but I've heard great things about the Mei Tai Carriers and really want to make baby-wearing work for us this time around since it will provide a great sense of bonding with the baby, but will also hopefully make it easier to get out and about with two little ones or even help make it easier to get stuff done around the house. This is just one of a couple carriers I have and I also plan on buying at least one other one I want to try out for sure. The first photo just shows the type of carrier it is and the second photo is the actual fabric selection that I ordered the carrier in. LOVE it!

4. Peanut Shell Sling Carrier - I actually bought two of these at the same time in the patterns below, but again, won't know how well they work for us until baby boy is here. I've heard mixed reviews about the sling style carriers that are this kind of pouch style, so it will be interesting to see if baby boy likes them or not. They definitely are easier to put on vs. the Mei Tai, but I've also heard that once you get used to the Mei Tai's, Moby Wraps and some of the other more complicated carriers, that you can get them on and off pretty easily, it just takes some time to adjust to them and get in the routine of putting them on and off.

5. Nursing Covers - I actually have a couple of these right now and was holding off on buying any additional until we see how breastfeeding goes for both baby and me this time around. I have one nursing cover from Hooter Hiders (clever name, huh?!?) and then another one from Peanut Shell. I've actually found a ton on Etsy that I love as well so I've definitely got my eye on some others if I feel like I end up needing more than the 2 I have and quite honestly, this is one thing I would love to learn to sew and possibly sell later down the line since learning to sew has been a goal of mine for quite some time and one I hope to tackle once I am home more and have more time to focus on such a thing. So, I might even be able to make myself one, who knows!?! (First things first, I'll have to get THE perfect sewing machine, or at least one that is multi-functional and operator friendly so it will be easy to learn for a beginner like me!) In any case, I am hoping that breastfeeding works better this time around and I get to get some good use out of the nursing covers, otherwise I guess they might be useful to use to toss over the baby carrier to cover from the sun or something, ha!

6. Hospital Gown - Well, this obviously something for moi, but something I wonder if I'll even get to use or not, lol! I actually decided on a whim to order a couple of these super cute hospital maternity gowns from one of my favorite discount websites a few months back and hope that I will actually get to wear them when I am held up in the hospital for a couple of days after my c-section. I like the idea of wearing something so comfy, yet cuter than the traditional hospital gown and since I got them for such a great deal, it wasn't any more costly than buying an inexpensive nightgown say from somewhere like Target or even Motherhood maternity. I don't have either one of the patterns shown below, mine are much cuter in my opinion, but I just couldn't resist the idea of a cute gown and the fact that it didn't cost a bundle means I don't have to worry so much about how much I wasted on them if they get ruined during my hospital stay!

7. Aden and Anais muslin swaddling blankets - These are HUGE swaddling blankets and I have heard that they work very well. Hudson was a swaddler, but managed to wiggle his way out of many of the blankets we used, so if our new bundle of joy takes to swaddling as well as his big brother did, then hopefully these will do the trick and keep him "under-wraps" and nice and cozy during bedtime and nap-times.

8. Grobag baby sleeping bag / sack - Not a completely new item in our house since we did use some sleeping sacks with Hudson, but this one is a bit lighter weight and is a soft cotton vs. most of the fleece bags we used previously when Hudson was a baby. I actually ordered the exact turquiose and green striped one below and can't wait to use it! Heck, it looks so comfy I wish I had one for myself, lol! Oh, and even better, they are SO oversized and roomy, the smaller size fits up to 6 month olds and I've heard that they can last in them even longer depending on how big or small your baby is. They come in different togs, which is a scale of the varying levels of warmth / weight of the fabric and range between a .5 tog for warmer regions to a 2.5 tog for cooler regions and cooler weather. I actually got the .5 tog first to try out and will see if we need anything heavier later since I also have several other fleece sleep sacks and also another heavier sleep sack that I ordered recently as well.

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