Monday, January 4, 2010

Hudson ~ My favorite big boy.

And I certainly just could NOT leave Hudson out either!!! This was my first baby boy and always will be my baby boy too no matter what. He's definitely more than a handful these days, but when he's sweet and lovey it absolutely makes up for the times he isn't. (or at least almost does, ha!) He's been a great big brother to Landon though and seriously, loves on him all of the time. I am sure he feels some resentment and is acting out partially because he doesn't know how to react to sharing mommy and daddy with another child, but he is a smart and very loving child so I am hoping that this is just a phase that he will outgrow quickly. We are both trying our best just to make sure that our favorite big boy gets plenty of positive attention and doesn't get left out. Check him out in his oh-so-cool new Hot Wheels shades that he just had to have! Such a cutie he is! Both of them....yikes, I'm gonna have two little heartbreakers on my hands aren't I??? I will be having to fight the girls off with a bat! HA!



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