Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Landon Jacob - One Month Old.

Landon - you are ONE MONTH OLD!!!!

What are you up to these days?
  • I could be wrong, but according to our scale you weigh over 10 lbs already! Boy, you are growing SO fast and although I love seeing your little personality shine through now, it also saddens me to think that you won't stay this tiny and cuddly for as long as I wish you could!
  • You are now wearing a size 1 diaper, however they are a bit large on you at the moment. The newborn size was just getting too snug underneath your full little pot belly and so we've graduated you up to the next size. Since they are bigger on you, I imagine you'll be in the size 1's for quite some time. 

  • You are also still wearing all newborn clothing and while some things are a little snug or seem a bit short on you, most of the newborn items you should be able to wear for at least a little while longer. Although, who knows since you seem to be such a fast growing little boy!
  • You are still exclusively breastfed and have become quite the pro at latching on even though I was worried that you might have problems since you have somewhat of a short frenulum. It's quite prominent actually, but your pediatrician was not concerned and seemed to think that you would not need it clipped or anything because it is so thin and stretchy versus a thick and more cord-like appearance. Hopefully, Dr. H is right and it stretches out on its own without needing any clipping. Although, a quite common and uncomplicated procedure, your sweet mama gets tears in her eyes just thinking about the *possibility* of you having to go through such a thing! I definitely cannot stand to see my baby boys in pain or hurting and it makes me so sad to even think about things like that, I know, I'm probably a little overprotective of my boys!

  • On a related note on feeding, you will NOT take a bottle and have resisted fully the handful of times that your poor daddy has tried to give you one when mommy was away. You also could care less about pacifiers, actually you resist them with all of your willpower. Oftentimes, I wish you would take one as I think it might help soothe you, but you prefer mommy to soothe you instead it seems.
  • Your sleep patterns haven't changed *too much* in the past couple of weeks, but you are definitely beginning to vary a bit in how often you wake at night and how often and for how long you nap during the day. 
  •  You remain super alert and I am amazed at how smiley and happy you already are! You still love it when mama sings to you and you are starting to try to coo and gurgle already too. 
  •  You love to look all around and seem extraordinarily aware of your surroundings at all times. You especially love to look at lights and at the ceiling fan spinning round and round. You've also grown even more fond of the mobile in your crib.
  • You love to be swaddled and sleep best that way, but you also like to wiggle your way out a bit! Especially when you wake up mighty hungry for your overnight feedings....I think you wake up and get angry very quickly and try to escape from your swaddle so that you can suck your fingers / hands. No matter how tight I wrap you, you seem to be able to wiggle at least a little bit loose when you want too. I'm not too surprised since you are quite a strong little boy!

  •  You are spoiled already and definitely have your mama wrapped around your tiny little finger and while he might not admit it, I think your daddy might just be wrapped too! You have a ton of clothes now between all the cuteness I(we) have bought you and from all of the gifts from family and friends. You are definitely going to be well dressed for a while, not to even mention all of the clothes you'll inherit from your predecessor, AKA - your big brother Hudson, ha!  

    • You still sleep best during the day in your swing or if mama is holding or wearing you. We've tried the crib, but you don't seem to be *quite* ready yet. 
    • You are beginning to like your baths more and don't fuss quite as much, but you definitely still fuss like crazy when you have a wet or dirty diaper. We certainly have gone through a lot of diapers already since you were born!
    • You seem very unsure about Bailey, although he is WAY interested in you little one. Always coming up to you and sniffing and trying to kiss your face, goofy dog! I'm sure you'll love to torture him just as much as your brother one day, ha!
    •  Speaking of your brother, he ADORES you! Always kissing and hugging on his little brother even when I know he is a bit jealous inside. He's only jealous because he has too share his mommy now, but he loves you and will get over that quickly. I can't wait to see you two grow together and to see what fun (and trouble!) you'll have. (be in!)
    • When you get upset, there is no mistaking it! You definitely inherited your mama's loud mouth and are very vocal when you are upset or hungry. You don't cry for too long or too often for the most part, but when you are not happy, you definitely are very quick to let us know and luckily, I've been able to get accustomed to your cries and your needs so that I can quickly determine the source. 
    • Amazingly enough, you are quite a good little baby and seem to be quite the happy baby too! I say amazingly because your brother was such a good and happy baby that we thought it could not even be possible for us to be that lucky twice, but apparently I was wrong. Well, at least for now that seems to be the case. You smile A LOT and even while you're sleeping almost as if you are dreaming of something very funny or something that makes you very happy. When I sing to you or kiss your face when you are snoozing you grin and sometimes look to be chuckling almost. It's certainly one of the sweetest, cutest and heart warming things! We just love you so much and you have brought SO much joy into our lives, more than I ever even imagined! My heart swells with love for you and grows every single day. I never knew it was possible to love three people so much, but my heart is full of love for you, your brother and of course, your wonderful daddy.
    • Your hair is still pretty thick and remains dark and your eye color has not changed at all since birth. You have the prettiest, smoothest skin and are not as fair complected as your brother was during the newborn stage. You actually let me trim your nails pretty good (your brother did NOT like this), but you seem to be getting a bit more squirmy about it so I don't know how long that will last. 
    • You've already experienced so many other big firsts too! First snow....first Christmas....first New Year's Eve and Day....first photo shoot.....a whole bunch of firsts to start off many and many and many more firsts to come.

    • As I already mentioned, you've captured our hearts and we are just so in love with you little one! You make my heart melt over and over again with every single smile and when I see that *glimmer* of joy, innocence and love in your sweet, big deep blue eyes! You've also captured the hearts of many, many others and most dearly being your grandparents and nana, who all adore you and love you immensely! You are deeply loved and are just such an amazing blessing to all of us and most of all, to myself and your daddy. We cannot wait to proudly watch you grow and to celebrate each and every milestone along the way!


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