Monday, January 4, 2010

Landon ~ My favorite baby boy.

Just a few pics of my favorite sweet little baby boy! I took these pictures of Landon last week when he dared to turn three weeks old. He turns one month old this week and I just CANNOT believe it! He has changed and grown so much already and it just seems like the month since he was born has completely flown by! Hopefully, time will slow down or rather hopefully, the chaos of our life will slow down soon so that maybe we can enjoy it more. Not that we aren't now, but it's definitely been an adjustment period and not to mention, it was the busiest holiday season of the year in full force when he was born, so we've just been going, going, going and are probably lucky to have even been able to keep up with all of the festivities. Now it's time to slow down and enjoy these newborn stages / months before they all fly by far too quickly!



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