Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rewind - Family Photos 2009.

Back in October we had some family photos taken by BluDoor Studios and I never got around to sharing any of the proofs here on the blog. Here are my favorites from the shoot that I actually won at a mom's night out event that I attended with a bunch of other local mama's. I was SO excited to win the session because a) I rarely win anything, but also because b) I had been a long time fan of their work and have had several people I know use them for their family photos over the past couple of years. I also had recommended them to one of my close friends (Claudia) to do her wedding photography which she did hire them as did another one of my friends (Renee). The shoot itself was definitely a challenge since Hudson did not want to cooperate (surprising huh?!?) and so we had to chase him and be creative in trying to get any decent pics. Top that off with the fact that I was already hugely pregnant so moving around and getting up and down was beginning to become a workout in itself. I guess in all honesty we should be used to this by now, but I think that every time we have pictures scheduled I give Hudson the benefit of the doubt and each time he has actually done a little bit better, so I continue to have hope that one day something will just click and he will decide to cooperate and be a little shutterbug instead of constantly avoiding the camera and dodging any opportunity to have a decent picture taken. And unfortunately, this was just another one of those fun instances, lol! On a good note, ReJana and Mike with BluDoor were beyond amazing and patient though and definitely did a fabulous job in capturing some awesome images of our family even all the while chasing our rambunctious toddler throughout their studio. 

Unfortunately, I haven't even ordered any prints of any of the shots yet, I know, it's an absolute shame since they truly turned out pretty amazing especially considering the circumstances. And these are just the *unedited* proofs, so any photos we would select to have printed would also be edited and look even better than they do below, crazy right?!?! With everything that has been going on over the past few months with my pregnancy and the holidays, not to mention the fact that we lost a huge chunk of our income when we decided that I would stay home after having Landon, I unfortunately had to make the decision to hold off on ordering anything for the time being, but fully intend to eventually (key word here) order some once I not only have the time to decide which ones I desperately have to have and oh, also have the extra funds as well. 

On a separate note, please feel free to comment and share which three or four are your faves so that I have an outside opinion to help me decide which to order whenever I finally get to that point someday. I would kindly appreciate it since I tend to have problems making decisions sometimes, ha! :)


















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Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family. I love the upside down picture!