Sunday, November 9, 2008

Autumn at the Arboretum Recap

We made our annual trip to Autumn at the Arboretum on Saturday and had a great time! Hudson even behaved very well for the most part and seemed to really have fun too which made the day much more pleasant of course! We decided to go earlier in the day thinking that the crowds would be lighter, which it wasn't very crowded at all and because we also wanted to go out to lunch afterwards before heading back to the house. I had a ton of orders to catch up on (or at least make an attempt to put a dent into) so we wanted to get back home by the early afternoon so I'd have the remainder of the evening to work. In any case, we had a wonderful time at the Arboretum and Hudson LOVED playing in all of the pumpkins and just running around being a total hyper little boy! He attempted to crash other people's picnics numerous times, which was hilarious and in fact, everytime he did it the poor target of his party crashing was so nice and thought it was SO cute that he wanted to come and interact with their kiddos too! I think Hudson has gotten to the age that he truly gets excited when he sees other toddlers or small children and wants to interact and play with them. He's not around many other children, so he's starting to really act interested in spending more time around the other kiddos! (Guess I need to book some play dates, huh?!?!) We probably only stayed at the Arboretum for about an hour and a half and then headed over to Snuffer's in Preston Center to have some yummy cheeseburgers and fried mushrooms for lunch, did I mention how YUMMY it was!?!?! All in all it was a great little Saturday family time and I just loved seeing Hudson have so much fun running around and just being of my favorite things was that he kept picking out REALLY big pumpkins and decided to roll them around on the was too cute watching him be really strong and push those big ole' pumpkins around....he even grunted some of the times when he was moving them, lol! What a little cutie!!!

Our handsome little man.
One of the lovely families he picnic crashed, ha! Their kiddos were across the way, but Hudson definitely tracked them down, lol!
Walking with his daddy...
Hudson LOVES to ride on David's shoulders!

More fun with dad!!

Mommy getting in on the silly action! Time to swing in circles...weeeeeeee!!!!!!
Hudson was intrigued with this little structure....
we think that he thought that the fish were real, ha!

Okay, so this isn't a pic of him pushing one of the pumpkins, but even better...he was totally trying to stand on top of it!! He's a little daredevil!!!
Hudson and mommy
In a pile of pumpkins....

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Misty said...

LOVE the pics! And I'm sure you're loving that new camera!