Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Although it didn't turn out quite as expected, we had a wonderful Halloween and Hudson looked SO freakin' adorable in his fluffy green dinosaur costume! He HATED wearing it though and we were only lucky enough to keep it on him long enough for my parents to see him in it for a few minutes and then again for David's mom for a few minutes as well and then he was struggling to get out of it. Seeing that Hudson was not even remotely into the idea of wearing the costume and he was starting to act rather cranky, plus it was already somewhat late by the time we headed out for the evening, we decided not to take him for his first real round of trick-or-treating....instead just we spent some time hanging out at both my parents house and Marcia' house visiting and of course, Hudson got spoiled with lots of treats from all of his grandparents! Here are a few pics from throughout the evening including some interesting pics of David and myself as well.

All ready with his goodie costume, but ready to go!

Goofing off at my mom and dad's house

Hudson and his daddy playing

Hudson and his Grandma Charlotte (my mama :))

The infamous dino costume!

Help! I can't find my hands mom!
Please don't make me wear this, wah!!!
Daddy to the rescue!

I don't think I like Halloween mommy!

Hudson and his daddy at Nana Marcia's

He STILL doesn't want to wear the costume

Investigating the huge bowl of treats from his Nana

Mmmm... a Tootsie Pop! (with the wrapper still on none-the-less!!)
David modeling the wax lips Marcia got for Hudson, ha!
This is a serious serial killer Silence of the Lambs type pose!!
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop??

Just one of the many pictures of me modeling the lovely serial killer wax lips, lol!

Even better right??? Hudson's dino headgear makes it even more scare-iffic!

Can you believe he wasn't scared of those horrendous lips!?!?!

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