Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving day is coming to an end and I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful day with their family or other loved ones. We certainly had an amazing day relaxing and just spending some great quality time with my family and then at Marcia's house this evening. It was a delightful day filled with lots of yummy treats, a ton of silly chatter as well as meaningful conversation and of course, much laughter throughout the day.

Putting all of this aside, I feel compelled to admit that we are so very blessed and truly have so very much to be thankful for this year....Personally, I feel beyond blessed as I have a wonderful, loving husband that would walk to the ends of the earth for me and for this, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! He may not always agree with me or do or say what I want or would like for him to and while there will always be disagreements throughout our life together, I would not have it any other way. I cannot imagine not being with David as he truly makes me a better person and makes my life complete. We are both so incredibly blessed to have Hudson as our son. He is such an amazing little boy and I just love him more than I could have ever imagine loving anyone. He makes me smile and laugh EVERY day and brings such amazing joy to my life every single moment of every single day of my life. I look forward to what new things he will do or say every day and am always eager to see what my little boy is going to do next. He is a ray of light in our lives and has taught us how to love in a completely new kind of way. A love like none other....nothing I experienced throughout my life could have prepared me for being a mother and for the amazing way it has changed my life. Becoming a mother has enriched my life in more ways than I could ever imagine and could certainly never ever explain in words and now, we have been blessed yet again with baby B. I can only hope and pray for continued health throughout my pregnancy and that we have a happy, healthy baby come next June. For these blessings, the blessings of our children, we are SO very thankful.......they make our family a family and it absolutely would not be complete without them.

We are extremely thankful for our health and for the continued good health of our family and friends. We are thankful that we both have good jobs that as of now, have been stable sources of income for us and allow us to continue to live within comfortable means. While we are by no means *rich*, we definitely have so much more than so many others who are not as fortunate....we have a roof over our heads, a home that while it is not perfect, it is OUR home and a place of comfort, escape and peace for it should be. We are thankful for our families and for their continued love and support. We value our relationships with all of our families and friends and can only hope that these relationships continue to strengthen over time. We hope to better those relationships that have not been ideal and we are thankful for the opportunity to do so. Family is so very important.....they are a vital part of who we are and who we become....they are our legacy. We are beyond blessed with the most amazing family and friends and we love all of you so very much. We are better because of you.

While we do have many blessings and it is easy to recognize them at a time of the year such as Thanksgiving, it is also very easy to forget at other times throughout the year.....I personally am trying to work on reminding myself of these things whenever I have a down moment, have been challenged, let down or rejected in some area of my life. When I am faced with negativity or with something that has resulted in anger or a non-favorable behavior or response, I am trying to always find a positive in the situation OR find something else positive in my life to focus my energy on. It's not easy, but when you remember all of the things that you have that enrich your life it is much easier not to *sweat the small stuff* so to speak. With that being said, we are even thankful for such challenges in our life as we learn and grow from each new experience. I know that there are countless things that we are so very thankful for that I could probably literally go on and on and on, but instead I will just say it again - we are so very thankful....we are so very blessed and we hope that everyone around us continues to be just as blessed in the days, weeks and years to come.

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