Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Know I'm a Slacker :)

I know, I know....I've been bad lately and haven't posted much over the past couple of weeks. I seriously have been overwhelmed between the fact that I have been completely exhausted almost daily and the fact that I also have a lot going on in general. My pregnancy symptoms seem to be magnified this pregnancy and I have been struggling with migraines, nausea, bloating and extreme exhaustion lately. A couple of weekends ago, I literally slept most of the weekend.....I never take naps, I mean, I don't normally have time to anyways, but I've never really been a big *nap* person in general, but lately.....forget about it!! I am all about naps and I've also been really bad about saying that I am going to lay down for a quick nap early in the evening and then sleeping through the entire night. The morning sickness is a whole other's definitely been in full-swing, although I have been incredibly lucky to have only actually gotten sick one time so far. Don't get me wrong though, I wouldn't trade any of it for the world because in the end it will all be more than worth it when our new little baby is safely here in our arms, but it does get a little wearing on you especially when you're also chasing around a two year old! Now I am just eager for my next appointment which isn't until the second week of December. I actually called today and moved my appointment back one day so that David could be there will likely be an eventful appointment as my OB will be giving me my official due date at this appointment as well as we will be getting to listen to the heatbeat for the first time and she said that we *might* do a sonogram as well. :) I.CANNOT.WAIT!

On a related note, I made my first pregnancy related purchase today! I haven't even told David yet, but I found some great deals online for some really cute maternity clothes and just couldn't resist! Get this....I ended up getting 10 shirts, 1 pair of crop jeans and 1 dress and the total cost was a little over $ 130 with shipping included!!!!!! Oh, and I also got two Halloween themed bibs and a My First Halloween onesie too included in that cost as well. I just hope that all of the clothes are just as cute in person as they were online. Almost every item I got was also a fairly nice designer brand such as Japanese Weekend and Michael Stars and almost everything ending up being between 70 - 90% off! I never order clothing online, but seriously I figured that the deals were just too good to pass up and that in the worse case scenario if something doesn't end up fitting or if I just hate it then I can always give it away or sell it on Ebay or something. All of the clothes I got were actually spring / summer items, so they will be perfect for the later months in my pregnancy. I am so excited and just hope that everything ends up working out for me. (edit: David just called me from work and I told him about my fab finds and he just laughed and told me I did good!)

As far as other happenings at the Brodt household.....I am also super excited because we have family pictures scheduled for this weekend, so that should be fun! Well, really these are for Hudson's two year pictures since he hasn't had any professional pics since his one year pictures, but we are going to do family pics too so that we have some updated photos of all of us. We are doing them at the Old Cottonmill in McKinney so it should be really cool! Of course, I will definitely share pics later once I get them from our photographer.

Hudson's two year checkup with his pediatrician is also scheduled for next week. We originally had the appt. scheduled for his birthday week and then ended up needing to change it and unfortunately, his pediatrician is very popular and was booked up until next week, so his two year checkup is going to be a bit late.

We are also very excited for Thanksgiving next week as well. We have many, many things, (well, countless things really) to be thankful for this year and we are truly looking forward to sharing the holiday with our families. I cannot believe how quickly this month has flown by....seriously, I swear it was JUST Halloween like last week! I think that we've just been going, going, going since the week of Hudson's birthday party / our anniversary and we just haven't slowed down since so the time has flown by even quicker. Not to mention that we found out for sure that I was pregnant that same week, so that tossed a whole other element into the mix. Whew! It's been one whirlwind month already!!! :)

Here's looking forward to a LONG nap sometime this weekend to prepare for a busy week (and months) ahead!

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