Saturday, February 27, 2010

Divine Consign Haul

This past weekend I attended the presale for the Divine Consign consignment sale that is held twice per year in both Grapevine and Plano, Texas. This event specializes in the highest quality gently worn children’s and maternity clothing, toys, books, games, DVDs, baby equipment (strollers, exersaucers, etc.) and baby and children’s furniture and is filled with all kinds of awesome finds at a fraction of the cost! I actually signed up and participated in working a volunteer shift on Sunday in order to be able to go to the presale on the Saturday before and let me just say, it was definitely worth it! I'm gonna go ahead and admit that I'm am already a huge fan and can't wait for the next sale later this year!

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of Divine Consign or have been to the sale before, but for little ole' me, this was my first time to attend. Yep, I was a consignment sale virgin and now that I have experienced the greatness that is Divine Consign, I will go ahead and come forward and admit that I am already an addict! Now I know why it's called Divine Consign, it was simply DIVINE! More than that, it was simply awesome to find SO many great deals for my boys and I wasn't even in the first groups to be able to shop! There were at least a couple of other groups that were allowed to shop prior to the time slot that I shopped in and I was still able to find a ton of great stuff including tons of clothes for both my buddy and my punkin! (two of my terms of endearment for Hudson and Landon, dorky I know!)

And moms of girls, of course, there was EVEN MORE stuff covered in pink ruffles and bows for all of you! I am certain that should I ever have the joy of having a daughter that I would have a excruciatingly difficult time showing ANY self control if faced with shopping for a precious little girl. I mean, I might just have an all out shopping problem, no, scratch that, I would most certainly develop a severe shopping addiction should that ever happen. And oh, how I do hope that I do get to have myself a little daughter to experience and share in all of the girly girl things that mommy loves so much, but I digress, yet again an entirely different story altogether....maybe it will have a happy ending though? Hehe! If not, then I will be totally and completely content with be surrounded with handsome boys and eventually men for the rest of my life!

Okay, now I've gone off on a carzy tangent (so totally typical of me!) and need to get BACK ON TRACK! Back to the sale, so I have yet been able to have time to take any photos of my stash, BUT I am just so giddy about all of the great stuff I snatched that I wanted to go ahead and share a brief summary of all of the items that I just could not leave behind!

So, get ready....

Get set.....

Here we go!

First I will start with the not so fun part, how much I spent....pre-tax I spent a total of $ 331.00, but wait, before you think I need to attend shopaholics anonymous just check out all of the loot I got for my hard earned moolah. 

Fisher Price Baby Gymnastics Bounce and Spin Zebra - 
paid - $ 22.00 | retails new for $ 59.99

Fisher Price Gobble & Go Hippo -
paid - $ 6.00 | retails new for $ 39.99

Step 2 Push Around Buggy with push handle - 
paid $ 20.00 | retails new for $ 44.99

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Crib Toy -
paid $ 5.00 | retails new for $ 45.00

Fleurville DJ Style Diaper Bag - New and never been used, including diaper changing mat, wipes case and other accessories - 
paid $ 29.00 | retails new for $ 90.00

Fisher Price Peek-a-Boo Piano - New and in box, never been used
paid $ 15.00 | retails for $ 32.99

Leapfrog Letter Spinning Spider - 
paid $ 1.00 | retails for $ 14.99

Fisher Price Little Super Star Classical Stacker - 
paid $ 4.00 | retails for $ 14.99

Disney Pixar Cars Remote Control Mater
paid $ 3.00 | retails for $ 14.97

The rest of my finds were all shoes and clothes -

(3) pairs of Stride Rites for Landon 
(1) pair of brand new Pedi-peds for Landon
(1) pair of Stride Rite leather sandals for Hudson

And can I get a drumroll please?????

(74) pieces of clothing total for both boys!

This was the most amazing thing, I simply could not believe that I was still able to find SO much clothing items that not only were in great condition, but were styles that I liked and were quality clothing brands mostly consisting of Gymboree and Gap, but also some Janie and Jack, Lucky Brand and topped off with a good bit of items from Osh Kosh. Then there were a few sets of Carter's pj's I picked up just because it was SO inexpensive. I'm talking like $ 3.00 for three or four sets of pajamas, so I could totally justify getting them because it was definitely a steal!

I also got cute little layette set from Little Me that had the tags still on it and even better, I bought another adorable outfit that was new with tags, but I didn't recognize the designer (C'est la Vie), however I went online to look it up and it turns out that it is a boutique brand and the outfit retails for over $ 50.00! Definitely an awesome find! 

I am still going to *try* to snap some shots and post pics later, but just couldn't resist sharing the awesome finds with all of you so for those of you who've never gone to Divine Consign or any consignment sale in general, could see how much value can be found at these types of sales. I'm even considering going to the Plano sale this weekend, but I missed the boat on getting a volunteer shift so I'd be having to go during the normal sale hours open to the general public instead. Although, I've heard that the sale is SO large and has far more items available for purchase and not only that, will also be having a large amount of additional items added to the sale after the pre-sale so that it will be a lot more likely to still be able to find some great stuff at the public sale even after all of the pre-sale shoppers have already picked over the inventory. I will definitely post an update later on my finds should I decide to go this weekend. 

For those of you that did go to the Grapevine sale, I'm curious to know what your best finds were and overall, how you felt you did in general with your purchases from the sale? And for those of you that go to the Plano sale this weekend, please do come back here after the sale and feel free to share what treasures and steals you were able to find as well!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your great finds. You should also check out the Just Between Friends sales all over the Metroplex....same great deals as Divine Consign - some of them even much larger than D.C. Here's to saving money on our kiddos! Don't you feel smart when you do that sort of thing?!!!

La Bonne Vie - The House of Brodt said...

Thanks! Yes, I've heard of JBF, but have never gone to one either. Looking forward to going to one sometime in the future. I definitely do feel great when I find such great deals because I'm just frugal like that, but especially because I love to buy things for my boys! It makes me smile, but I'm even happier when I can help save our family some money in the process! Thanks for reading and for your feedback!