Monday, February 1, 2010

Hudson Three-Year Checkup - Severely Late.

Only 3+ months late, but we finally took Hudson for his three year checkup with Dr. H. and luckily, the appointment went off without a hitch! Honestly, I wasn't sure how things we're going to go, especially since Hudson had initially been acting out quite a bit after Landon's birth, but he's since calmed down and oddly enough, acted like a complete and total gentleman the entire time we were at the doctor's office. He behaved SO well and seemed very receptive to everything his doctor had to say to him. We discussed many things from his sleep patterns to eating patterns, exercise and motor skills to social skills and behavior. We discussed our desire to have him participate in some type of Mother's Day Out or similar in order to get more socialized and prepared for pre-school to which he agreed and of course, we discussed the fact that Hudson is NOT yet potty-trained and has very little to no desire to even attempt to move from diapers to big boy underwear. Dr. H. said that we could wait a little longer if we wished before we aggressively moving forward with potty training since we do have a newborn on our hands, but was very honest about the fact that it is something that we will need to focus on and have plenty of time and energy to do as he suggested basically skipping pull-ups or any other type of training product and instead just ditching diapers completely when the time comes and replacing with undies. He states that this technique seems to work much better especially because typically toddlers do not like to have (pardon the tmi!) urine or feces to run down their legs and so if you start them off in underwear and just bring them to the potty frequently and consistently throughout the day, it is far more likely that they will catch on quickly and be able to train faster skipping the entire pull-up or training diapers phase. There was more detail to it than that, but that's the basic jest. I'm embarrassed that he turned three in October and still isn't potty trained, but honestly, I had no energy or time for it myself towards the end of my pregnancy and then once Landon was born, well, between nursing and just taking care of a newborn in general, we decided that we would hold off a little bit before trying again with Hudson. Although, we are still talking about it constantly, frequently offering him to go to the potty, etc., but Hudson is just NOT interested. I think we will have to do what Dr. H suggested and just stick him in underwear and face the music once we are prepared to do so. It shouldn't be much longer as I can't take two in diapers for a lot longer anyway and hopefully, things are settling down enough with Landon to where between myself and David, we will have the time to focus on potty training a bit more.

Mothers of boys, what age did your sons get potty trained? I've always heard that boys take a lot longer and that being over three and not being potty trained is actually fairly common, but I still worry about it and can't wait for my little boy to finally just want to use the potty! If you have any tips or tried and true methods / suggestions, please feel free to share them! I'd love to hear what did or did not work for you.

All in all though, the appointment went very well and Hudson's stats were impressive as well. Oh, and he also got a couple of his immunizations and let me just tell you, he didn't like it too much! Poor litle Hudson, I felt so bad when he started crying and definitely had not seen those shots coming! He was fine minutes later of course, but definitely wanted a sticker for all of his pain once we checked out from the doctor's office, lol! At least it all went very well and I am proud to say that we've got us a couple of very healthy and cute little boys on our hands here! 

His measurements / stats were as follows:
Weight - 34 lbs 8 oz (75th percentile!)
Height - 37 1/2" (60th percentile)


Christi said...

I feel a little better for my sister after reading this Char! Beck's turned 3 in Nov and is still not potty trained... and has no desire to go at all! He will actually say he "has a waterfall in his diaper" so he knows that he is going... He will go pee pee on the potty sometimes but is scared to go no. 2. It makes it worse because his mothers day out (Tues and Thurs) will not help - they will only do pull ups - and she doesnt want to use pull ups.
I am not for sure how to help on this... other then when I trained Chloe we used "big girl panties" and M&M's. She loved M&M's and she ONLY got them when she went potty - 2 for no. 1 and 5 for no.2.
Good Luck and let me know if I can pass any tips to my sister!

Misty said...

I know the frustration you're feeling about Hudson having no interest in potty training. Tucker was the same way. I tried nearly all last summer to get him interested...from letting him pick out his own cool underpants, to bribing him with special toys, treats, etc! Nothing was working. It was stressing me out so much that I was losing my mind! Tucker was 3 years, 3 months at that time. A month later, Tucker announced that he needed to go pee pee and went to the potty himself. He was pretty much potty trained from that day forward. I learned that it was all about when HE was ready, not when I was ready! :)

Good luck, and don't stress out too much about it! Let me know if you need any more support!

House of Brodt said...

Thanks ladies.....I feel much better hearing from both of you and again knowing, that I am not or rather Hudson is not alone in this potty training battle. We've tried bribing him and all kinds of things like that and of course, that peaks his attention, but he never will follow through and actually use the potty. We've even been telling him we'll throw him a Chuck E Cheese potty party and he's all excited about going to Chuck E Cheese since he's never been, but again, doesn't want to do the work. I know oftentimes kiddos will resist until they are just ready on their own and sometimes it just happens so I am hoping he does it on his own soon OR we will have to get much more aggressive as time moves on and I just really don't want to have to be a potty witch! Ack! Why can't he just wake up and want to use the potty tomorrow??? Maybe I should try to hypnotize him whilst he sleeps, lol!