Sunday, February 7, 2010

Landon Jacob - Two Months Old.


Landon - you are TWO MONTHS OLD!!!!

What are you up to these days?
  • You are growing so fast my little one! We took you for your two month checkup with Dr. H and you already weigh a solid 11 lbs 1 oz, up exactly three whole pounds from your birth weight! You definitely can seem to be growing quite quickly and are starting to get the cutest chunky little legs and some little chubby cheeks too! I call you my chunky monkey and you just smile and coo and gurgle and even almost giggle when mama talks all silly to you!
  • You are still wearing a size 1 diaper, however they are a bit large on you and you'll probably continue to wear them for a while which is okay with mama since I don't want you to grow up too, too fast!
  • You are also still wearing all newborn clothing and while some things are a little snug or seem a bit short on you, most of the newborn items you should be able to wear for at least a little while longer. Although, who knows since you seem to be such a fast growing little boy!
  • You are still nursing exclusively and your mama is so proud that you have done so well and that I have been able to nurse you as I had hoped I could. I keep holding my breath waiting for something to go wrong, a problem to arise, but no, you have done amazing and luckily, mama hasn't had any significant setbacks either. I am hoping that our luck will continue and that I will be able to continue nursing you until you are at least six months old if not for a full year, but we will take it day by day and take whatever comes our way.
  • You still resist pacifiers and bottles, BUT will accept them on occasion. Of course, you prefer mommy to either one, but sometimes daddy has to improvise!

  • You are sleeping for at least one long stretch at night usually lasting for 5 or 6 hours on average, but have slept as long as 9 hours at a time. Then you will usually wake after two hours or so for a feeding and then again for your morning feeding. You often times take a nap in the late morning and then another in the early to late afternoon. Although, there have been many occasions recently to where you have only taken ONE nap all day long and have only slept for 2 hours or so. Hopefully, this is just temporary though and you get back to taking at least two naps a day for two-three hours a piece.
  • You definitely know what you want and what you need and always take no time in letting mama and daddy know! A very vocal baby and while you do cry a bit more  than your I recall your bigger brother did, you do not seem to cry out without reason unless it is because you simply just want to be held and to have that interaction which of course, is absolutely, totally and completely normal. You are a baby and that's what babies thrive on and need, to be held and loved and to have interaction and a connection with those that love them and that they love. So, although you do cry and do so regularly, you do so in a normal, healthy manner as I discussed with Dr.H at your recent appointment. And you are indeed a very, very happy baby nonetheless! You LOVE for us to talk to you, sing to you, act silly and smile at you and play with you and you just smile and coo and your eyes light up in a way that I simply cannot even begin to describe. It makes my heart melt and my spirits soar when I see you smile and laugh with such innocence, it's simply one of the best feelings I've ever felt and yet, so difficult to put into words in a way to describe enough to do it justice. It's truly indescribable the way you make me feel when you smile and those gorgeous deep blue-grey eyes light up and you light everything and everyone else up when you do so as well. You are just SO loved! 

  •  You continue to be innately aware of your surroundings and all going on around you. So much so that you seem to act like you know what's going on or at least want to make sure you are included! You often cry when I am out of your sight for a minute or say if you are in your swing in the living room and we are all in the kitchen getting dinner together, so we now know that you just want to be included too! We just bring you into the kitchen so you can be part of the action as well or supervise I will say, lol!
  • You are still a swaddle lover and continue to ONLY sleep very well when swaddled although you fall asleep all of the time without it. It's just that you sleep SO lightly that it seems like without it you move your arms or legs when a noise might startle you and you wake up much easier while with the swaddle you are more contain and seem to sleep much, much more soundly and noises and other distractions seem to not bother you much at all.
  • You seem to like to be the center of attention or at least prefer it when someone is cooing all over you! You have become quite the smiley, happy baby when you want to be and love to just smile and make all kinds of funny little noises! You look like you are trying your best to repeat sounds or to babble, although I know it is FAR too early for that, I think you are determined and have something to say though!
  • You are still napping in your swing or in your Papasan bouncer most often and occasionally nap on mama or in your pack n play. You've napped so more in your crib, but those naps seem to not last quite as long. We are looking to move you to your room at night before too, too long, so hopefully you'll start liking your crib more soon and hopefully, the transition won't be too difficult.
  • You definitely have become more comfortable with your baths and even seem to enjoy them quite a bit! In fact, you act a bit scared or hesitant at first, but after just a minute or two, you start cooing and smiling at mama. I think it just takes a minute for you to feel safe and then you're good to go!  You still HATE to have a dirty diaper and definitely let out some of the loudest cries in order to make sure we know you need your diaper changed and FAST!
  • Bailey is FAR more interested in you, than you are in him, but that's okay. He has become a lot more interested in you in the past few weeks and often comes up and starts wagging his tail and sniffing all over you whenever we are on the floor doing tummy time or playing on your play mat. I think he's just nosy really!
  • Hudson is still as smitten, if not even more so, of you too! He is always trying to play with you and show you both your toys and how to play with them along with his cars too! Of course, he's gotta teach ya all about Lightning McQueen, Mater, Chick Hicks and the Hudson Hornet!!! You usually just stare at him or smile and laugh, but it's always adorable to watch the two of you together. I just can't wait to see how cute you are together once you are older! For now, Hudson has become quite the helper bringing mommy the boppy or a blanket or your swaddle, diapers and wipes, whatever mama needs to help take care of Landon. It's absolutely adorable I tell ya!
  • Your hair is still fairly think and dark, however you do have quite the funny little bald spot on the back of your head! Actually, mama was pretty sad and unhappy about it and cannot wait for the hair to grow back in. I even asked Dr. H about it at your last appointment and whether or not I should worry about it and he chuckled and assured me no, the hair will grow back, DO NOT worry! Whew! I hope so because it's definitely not the best look for you even though you are about the cutest baby ever! 
  • Your eye color hasn't seemed to change much since birth, you have gorgeous dark grey-blue eyes and beautiful LONG eyelashes to boot! Dr. H. did say at your last appointment that he didn't think he could see any color pigment in your eyes, but couldn't be certain and that he would check at your next appointment at four months. He did indicate that if he had to guess, he thinks you'll end up with mama's eyes just like your big brother, but I am going to hold out a little hope that you keep your pretty dark blue ones!  You still have the prettiest, softest skin and seem to rarely, if ever, have any type of skin reactions to anything and have never had cradle cap or any kind of diaper rash whatsoever. SUCH a difference from Hudson when it comes to those two things. Hopefully, I am not speaking too soon! 
  • Besides all of your new vocal skills, you also have gotten even better at holding your head up and have become a crazy little wiggly worm! Kicking and squirming and just moving around like crazy. You've started to drool an insane amount as well and have most recently decided that you love to suck on your hands. And LOUDLY too! Your daddy and I just laugh listening to you suck and suck on your hands / fingers and you do it sometimes right after you've been fed so it's not done out of hunger, but I guess it's just you exploring and also just that it might be soothing to you.
  • You've experienced a couple of other firsts in the past month including your first play date out with mama and big brother. Hopefully, mama can get you some play dates set up with some other babies in your age range before too long so that you can make some new baby friends! The first two months have definitely FLOWN by far too fast, but although makes mommy kind of sad that you have already grown so much, I am even more excited for what is ahead! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us and to see what fun things you'll be up to next little one! We love you!


Misty said...

Charolotte, Landon is so handsome! What an adorable little man!

House of Brodt said...

AW! Thanks, Misty! We are pretty partial and think he's pretty dang handsome too!