Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby B's First Picture!

As promised, here is the sonogram pic and first glimpse of our little baby B taken last Friday. Such a tiny little miracle at only 10 weeks, 5 days! My next sonogram won't likely be until my February appointment so our little one will have grown quite a bit by then and hopefully, he/she will cooperate on that day and we will be able to find out the gender. Will baby B be a boy or a girl??? Hmmm.....the Chinese gender predictor says girl! I guess we will just have to wait and see......David is rooting for team girl too though!


himee said...

so cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE sonogram pictures!

April said...

awe! Looks like a baby peanut! So glad everything is okay and that s/he is still growing strong!!

All the gender predictors (except Gavin! lol) said we were having a girl with Mason, and same with this one- but the sonogram tech swears up and down we're having a boy! I just pray you have a safe pregnancy and healthy baby at the end :-)