Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure.....

Here is my first FlipVideo post! :) It's a clip of David and Hudson playing with Hudson's new Lightning McQueen bop bag that he got for Christmas. Pretty funny and sorry, my voice is a little loud in this one (not to mention the lovely baby talk accent I've got going on).....well, I'm pretty loud most of the time, so it's not really anything new, but for those of you that know me IRL already know that! ;)

Oh, and notice Hudson's weapon of's a SPATULA, LOL!


Misty said...

How cute! I loved the bop bags as a kid! I need to get Tucker one!

Your video looks great, I think much better than what I've been getting on Youtube. You have the Flip Mino, right?

House of Brodt said...

Hudson seriously LOVES it. He kept dragging it into the kitchen last night while we were making dinner and kept trying to get us to play with him, lol! I am sure that Tucker would love one too!

Yep, it's the Flip Mino....I just save the videos on my laptop and then upload to YouTube. It actually seems quicker then when I would try to upload them before. I think the Flip software converts the file smaller when you upload it so it loads onto YouTube a bit faster AND all of the ones I have loaded have been available to publish almost automatically. Previously, I would usually have to wait a couple of hours before they were listed as live to publish. Not sure why though???