Friday, December 12, 2008


It's been a LONG week and I am so ready and excited that the weekend is finally here. I have a nice long 3 day weekend, but we will likely stay fairly busy with Christmas shopping, taking Hudson to see Santa, getting rid of our old monster of a t.v., possibly looking for new furniture for Hudson as well as a new armoire / media center for our living room and then of course working to catch up a bit on design projects, etc., but I am determined to have some relaxation time and to sneak some naps up in there too! Oh, and we have a couple of new movies to watch as well, so hopefully we'll be able to snuggle up and have movie night at least one night! :)

I'm going to be off to bed soon tonight though as mama needs some sleep! I sure am ready to start my second trimester so I can get past this first really tired period and get a little burst of energy again before I get all huge and won't be able to sleep anymore in general, ha!

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