Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Rounds 2 & 3

We had 3 Christmas celebrations on Christmas Day including ours at home, my family's at my parents house and David, Hudson and myself also did a Christmas with Marcia (David's mom) on Christmas night. We also still have one more this upcoming Sunday for David's extended family, so there will likely be a few more pictures yet to come, but for now here are some more pics from round 2 & 3 at my parents house and Marcia's house.

I don't have any pictures of any of our gifts from either get together, but at my family's David got the cookbook he wanted from LaWanda and she even ordered it to where it had Guy Fieri's signature! David was TOTALLY pumped and has been looking at it constantly picking out new recipes to try. He actually made some steak tacos from the cookbook Saturday night and they were to die for! So freaking delicious and we had the leftovers for dinner last night too! I got some jewelry and a really cool mercury glass hanging candle chandelier from my niece, Kayla. We had a great time and of course, Hudson made out like a bandit. His cousin, Lindsay, got him some really cool gifts including toy dinosaurs, Thomas the Train toys and a Hot Wheels carrying case among other things as she drew his name for our gift exchange and although we drew names for my family's get together, he did get a couple of extra gifts from Aunt Karen too! Some Hot Wheels, flavored chapsticks and a Cars rug. She insisted on breaking the rules I guess.

Nana (Marcia) spoiled him rotten as usual too and got him all kinds of toys, books, etc. and even a Radio Flyer wagon, a Batman scooter and Spiderman helmet, which he will be wearing when he rides that scooter, ha! He also got some cool clothes, pajamas and a toy tool stand from Uncle Marc and Aunt Jessica, which I am sure he will love. He was totally thrilled with everything and has turned our house into a disaster area filled with toys everywhere!!! He LOVES everything though and has had a blast playing with all of his new toys. Marcia also spoiled us as usual and we both got some fun gifts, a movie gift card and some $$$ that will probably go towards something we need for the house.

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas, although not perfect, but close to it in many ways and we cannot thank everyone enough for all of the wonderful gifts too! The best part was spending time with everyone and enjoying the holiday as a family because truly, that is what it is all about!

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