Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hudson's Christmas 2008 Ornament

We decided when Hudson was born that we would start a family tradition of buying him an ornament every year as well as one new special ornament for the family every year as well. Ou intention is to collect these ornaments from year to year, label them with the year we purchased them once we pack them away after each Christmas and then once Hudson has grown up and leaves his mommy and daddy then we will send all of the ornaments along with him to carry on the tradition once he starts a new family of his own. This is Hudson's 3rd Christmas and here is the ornament that we got for him this year. It's the red enamel train on the right and he just loves it. When we bought it at PB he insisted on holding it the entire time and kept saying "Woo Woo!" like a little train over and over and over again as we shopped. It was SO cute! Hopefully, we will stay committed to this tradition and I am excited about starting it when our new little one is here with us come next Christmas!


himee said...

Cute ornament!!

courtney said...

aw! we do the same thing. i hadn't thought of letting them pick it out, though. that's a great idea! :)