Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009! This past year has probably been one of the most action-packed of a roller coaster than any in my entire life, but I am definitely looking forward to this new year and hope that it is even better than the last.

2008 was filled with more firsts for Hudson including a first trip to the zoo, first time on the potty, lol!, lots of new words and many other new discoveries....too many for me to even remember right now actually! He continues to amaze us learning new things everyday and most recently started saying many more new words with the most random being cologne, ha! Anytime he sees David put on cologne or if I put on my perfume, he runs to David's side of the dresser and points at the cologne and says "cologne". It's too cute and he actually says it exactly as it should be said and of course, mommy always sprays him a little bit of cologne on so he's smelly good just like his daddy! He is counting now and can count along with you and also is starting to say his ABC's too! I am SO excited that he is becoming a bit more vocal as we were beginning to wonder if we were going to have to meet with a speech therapist. Although, that may still happen depending on how he progresses, but his pediatrician seemed to think that he is right on track as far as his learning level and that he should be learning a ton over the next 6 months or so. He passed his 2 year checkup with flying colors and continues to be healthy as ever! We did have a few scares this year with the bout of croup, a few other illnesses and most recently have been battling some fairly severe baby eczema, but other than that he is thriving as he should be!

Hudson celebrated his 2nd birthday this year and the following week we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary as well. It was an even more exceptional occasion because I found out within the week before that I was expecting our second little blessing and got to surprise David by telling him on our anniversary! We had not officially been trying to have another baby yet, but we had been discussing it quite often and we weren't preventing either, so it wasn't a total surprise or anything. It was quite perfect actually since David had been saying for the longest time that we would start trying whenever Hudson turned two and I had been ready long before that, ha!, so it was pretty cool that I found out I was pregnant just days after Hudson's second birthday. We did have a huge scare last month and thought that we might be losing the pregnancy, but thankfully that wasn't the case and I had just had some random problems that had occurred because of a combination of being ill earlier that week and the fact that I have a very low placenta with this pregnancy. This had to be the scariest and most agonizing day of the past year, but like I said, thankfully we found out that the baby was perfectly healthy and we even got to see our lil' one that day so it was an amazing blessing in disguise. We are just so, so very excited and cannot wait to meet our new babykins come the end of June!

Both David and myself worked full-time continuing with our current positions and employers over the past year with the exception of the promotion I unexpectedly received earlier in the year which resulted in me switching positions around July. Things have been great for us considering the state of the economy and how many companies have been downsizing because of the recession. We feel very fortunate that neither ourselves and for the most part, any of our close family members or friends have been terribly affected by this thus far. I do have a few friends that did experience some job losses and financial struggles over the pat year, but I am glad to say that most everyone has been able to find a new job and it even be a better opportunity for them than their previous positions which again, was more blessings in disguise! I can only pray that everyone continues to have a stable job and are financially secure in the year to come. On another note, I am thrilled to also say that this was also the first full year that I had been in business with my own company, Delovely Designs, and it was in fact a very busy and successful year if I might say so myself! Especially considering that it was my first full year and the fact that I truly only am able to devote limited time to Delovely as of now which includes some evenings and weekends. I am excited to see my business grow in the coming year and to hopefully begin offering some other new services and products in the new year.

So, as you can see, it has been a very fulfilling year for us and I cannot wait for what's to come in our future. I am most excited to meet our new baby B and to share in the experience with David and Hudson and to watch Hudson become the best big brother ever! I know that this year is going to be the most eventful ever now with our expected family addition and I am sure that our lives will never be the same. Here's to an amazingly blessed and prosperous 2009!

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