Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Follow Up

I had my initial follow up appointment today with Dr. P and it surprisingly went fairly well considering. There was a lot of information that we went through and both David and myself feel a bit of relief now that we've met with her, but there are still many unanswered questions at this point even though we think we might have some information about the potential cause of our loss. I will be going back next Friday for a pelvic exam, lovely huh?, and we will go from there. For now, she has basically said that we are able to TTC again after my normal cycle returns, which I admit was a bit exciting! Although, that could be anywhere from 3 weeks from now to several months from now, so it will be a bit of a waiting game until then. She said that physically, I would be fine to start TTC after one cycle, but that I should definitely wait until then to assess how I am doing emotionally before we start trying again. I will share more later about the rest of the appointment, but we haven't been able to discuss everything with our family members quite yet and it's a lot ot discuss so I will definitely have to post more later because I am exhausted and truly need to get some shut-eye soon. I think I still haven't caught up on sleep from last week and need to get my beauty sleep. Zzzzz'

Tomorrow will mark one week since we said goodbye to Baby B. :(

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himee said...

I'm glad your appointment went well! I know there are a lot of ladies who have to wait a long time for AF to come after a m/c, but mine came after 18 days. So, it might surprise you. And, I got pregnant on the very next cycle. I'm hoping that things will happen very soon for you! You are in my prayers.