Monday, January 12, 2009


I should have been posting my 16 week update yesterday or today.....ugh. I at least got my follow up appointment scheduled with my normal OB for this week, so hopefully I will have some answers then or at least something will be gained from my appointment that will prove to be useful to me for now. Until then I guess I will just be impatient and hope to find some clarity on my own. Today has been the best day so far since we lost our babykins as I didn't feel quite as angry and although I cried a ton, I definitely think it was cathartic, so that's definitely a good thing and helps reaffirm that the rain has slowed and there will be sunshine after these clouds pass. I think that I *might* be actually yearning for some type of normalcy again in my life....I know it's early and will take time, but small steps are good.

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