Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Butterflies in my stomach....

Yes, it's official....just today, I started feeling the tiniest little flutters from our babykins and I guess I had forgotten a bit about how cool, but oddly enough, even weird feeling these little butterfly flutters can be! I *thought* I was feeling them on Saturday and actually might have been, but today there is NO mistaking it. Even when I went for my OB appt. this morning Dr. P had a heck of a time chasing down Baby B in order to listen to his/her heartbeat....I *thought* for a brief moment that I would in fact be getting my sonogram early, but alas, she chased the little one down and we did get to hear the healthy heartbeat. So, 4 more weeks and we shall know if we should be rooting for team pink or team blue! That is...if she/he cooperates at the big U/S. Anyways, everything else went normal with my exam...it was very basic with the exception of having blood drawn for the quad screen to test for potential health risks / abnormalities, etc. All-in-all, a very nice, quick appt. and hopefully, I can resist buying anything for Baby B until after my appt. in just 4 short weeks! What team do you think we should be rooting for??? Team pink or blue??? Take a guess!

Oh, and I was not able to post last night due to a ton of other things I had to handle, but our Brodt Family Project 365 will be moving to a separate blog and hopefully, I will be posting that information with all of the new pics soon!