Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Little "Big Boy"

So, as I think I have mentioned previously, we have been in the works of moving Hudson into his "big boy" bed for quite some time now and FINALLY bought the full size mattress set and got the bed setup the weekend before last. Hudson has been in and out of his crib and our bedroom for a while and we are hoping to gradually transition him into his own room as soon as possible, but we did run into a snag once we set his big boy bed up. You see.....for some reason it is WAY high once you put down the box springs and the mattress and would be quite a fall if he were to roll over and off of the bed, so we had to wait for him to test run the bed until this past weekend so that we could purchase some safety side rails first. We can't have little man falling on his noggin, so this was an absolute must! Well, we found some at BRU that we thought would do the trick and luckily they work quite perfectly! Hudson loves his bed and acts really interested and excited to sleep in it....at least he did when he slept in it the other night. He crashed out in our bed last night, so we decided not to even attempt to move him knowing that he usually wakes up and has an absolute fit. In any case, I'm so not loving the look of his room and the bedding right now, but this is only temporary. Once we have another baby we will be moving Hudson into the other guest bedroom and buying him all new furniture and decorating that room as his long term big boy room. For now....this will just have to do!

Aw.... I can't believe how fast my little boy is starting to grow up and while it is so exciting, it kind of makes me sad. Makes me kind of wish that he would stay where he is at a bit longer because everything so far seems to have gone by far too fast and I just want to hold on to his sweet innocence of today. :(
Here are a few pics of my sweetie sleeping in his big boy bed for the very first time! AW!

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Courtney said...

Aww, what a cutie! I can see why you don't want him to get bigger yet.