Sunday, January 4, 2009


My picture of the day today is of the book "The Shack" that I actually bought as a little birthday present for myself at Barnes and Noble last night on our way to dinner. One of our dear family friends, LaWanda, highly recommended this book to me on Christmas and when one of my fellow bloggers posted about the book as well this past week I was so thankful for the reminder that I needed to go and pick up a copy. I cannot wait to get started reading it and hopefully, it will not take me too long to make it through the entire book. I almost bought "Eat, Pray and Love" as well based on several recommendations from other friends, but decided that I should go one book at a time so that will be for a later date. A bit more feasible of a goal for me afterall seeing that my time is so full and hectic these days!

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courtney said...

My husband got The Shack from his mother for his birthday. It looks pretty good. Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favorites! You should definitely read it next. :)

Feeling the baby move is really cool! I can't believe how quickly it went from butterflies to hard kicks this time! We found out that we are rooting for our second "team blue" baby. I thought it was a girl so I guess mother's intuition isn't 100% (I was right with the last 2 but I guess its always 50/50). Anyway, the next 4 weeks will fly by and then you'll know!