Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is Grief?

It has been two weeks since we said goodbye to our sweet Baby B and my heart still aches as I am experiencing a loss and a period of grieving that I have yet to experience before in my life so it's definitely been so, so very difficult, but I am trying very hard to remain positive as much as I can and look forward to the future and what wonderful blessings that I have to believe are in store for us. I have faith that everything happens for a reason and that God will lead us in His way, but it's just still very difficult to swallow at times. I definitely feel much better, but still have my moments and of course, today there were a ton of them.

I did find a truly lovely saying about grief that was posted by one of the girls from the Miscarriage / Pregnancy Loss message board that I have recently been frequenting for support, but to also provide support to other ladies going through the same experience and to learn from others experiences.

She actually found this blog entry on another blog that she follows -

"I just found this saying given by a mom who had three teenage boys and then had 5, count them FIVE subsequent lost babies! Trisomy 18 due on Mother's Day but came a month early, Trisomy 21 miscarrage, and three more miscarrages, two of them on separate Thanksgiving Days. This woman and her story leave me speechless."

Here is the saying....

Grief is Not a Sign of Weakness,
Nor a Loss of Faith,
It is the Price Of Love

I thought it was a profound way to view grief and what it can mean to someone faced with a loss such as ours. She went on to say that she kisses her living children with her lips and that she kisses her angel baby with her tears. I feel the same way and thought this was such a beautiful way to describe the love we feel for the child that we will never know. I know that although I will always grieve and love our Baby B that one day the tears and pain will lessen and eventually, I will be able to be completely at peace with the fact that he/she in now our guardian angel in Heaven watching over us. Till then....I will rely on my faith to help me get to the next phase of acceptance.

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